Cosmic Gate discusses Ch. 2 “Materia” album, 2017 + more

Cosmic Gate, dynamic trance duo consisting of Bossi & Nic,
continues to push musical boundaries. It’s quite an
accomplishment to be around as a DJ for two decades and they
have proved time and time again that their unique progressive,
uplifting sound is here to stay. They are one of Germany’s most
consistently successful electronic music artists and even
composed remix compositions for Hollywood’s ‘Avatar’. Wake Your
Mind is their well known mantra that is the name of their radio
show, coined after their fifth studio album. While the two are
signed to Armada Music’s roster, they have been touring all
over the world playing some of the best trance tunes we hear
today. We got a chance to follow up with Nic & Bossi about
their latest album called Ch. 2 “Materia” and what’s in store
for 2018 before their performance at POPNYE at The Armory in
San Francisco, CA.

Talk to us about your recent record with Emma Hewitt on

Bossi: Well, first of all “Tonight” was the first single
off Ch. 2 “Materia” album. We go back with Emma about eight
years now around 2009. It’s our fourth single together.

Nic: Emma’s voice is amazing as everyone knows. She has
an incredible and touching voice. She’s also insanely cool.
We’ve toured with her a few times and we really clicked. It’s
really a friendship. It’s family now and of course because we
love her voice so much and we are friends, we’re like on this
album we have to do a new track together. We were talking about
it a lot and sending demos back and forth. Luckily, towards the
end it seemed to be a theme with Emma.

Bossi: It’s always the last track we work on with the
album. We’re laid back, she’s laid back. When was the deadline?
Oh, two weeks ago. Still, somehow we always get things to work
and our sound with her voice goes down pretty well.

Nic: Sometimes when we write songs we have the music
first and the lyrics comes after. With “Tonight”, she sent us
the vocal with only the very basic piano lines. Then we built
the whole track around it.

The remixes for the track are amazing. How did you decide
who worked on it?

Stefan: In the end, we at least think it’s a
progressive/trance song now. We were like we don’t need another
progressive/trance mix. We wanted something deeper, more
uplifting and faster. We were like who you think can do good
stuff and who do you think can work with the theme? We came up
with the guys. Now it’s a perfect three track package now. For
every DJ playing trance it has its mix.

Nic: Believe me, it doesn’t always work that well as it
does now. Sometimes, we have something in mind that we think is
cool and it doesn’t work at all.

Stefan: Sometimes mixes are quite successful but you
don’t feel like yourself. Because the harmonies are getting
changed and you aren’t getting used to it while other people
are like hey I like it that’s awesome. Sometimes it’s awesome
to hear a different approach, sometimes you don’t get it and
get stuck in our own way or own world.

What’s the story behind the music video for “Fall Into You”
with JES?

Bossi: I think the video speaks for itself. What can you
do with that title? Just the idea started. She came up with the

Nic: At first we thought someone else should be falling
in the video but at the very end we were like you know what it
needs to be her. We all love that track so much and we were so
happy to give this track one more moment of real attention a
year later.

Bossi: Creativity doesn’t just happen with a button.
Sometimes it just takes. Now it has a second momentum now which
is awesome because it’s a very personal track. We think it’s
one of the best tracks we ever did.

Talk to us about your latest album Ch. 2 “Materia” .

Bossi: Chapter 1 was out end of January and Chapter 2 in
September. In the end, it was basically having too much music
that mattered to us to release it altogether at once. We wanted
to meet the deadline and not want to force things. We also
wanted to give fans a little more to listen to individual
tracks on the album. So we split the album into the two parts.
It’s basically two albums, two extended EPs. In September, we
released the physical edition with CD and everything.

You just dropped episode 194 on WYM Radio. How’s it been so

Bossi: We were discussing to make a show for like a few
years. When we finally gave it a start it was a lot of work.
Every DJ that’s doing a weekly radio show knows this. Although
it’s a lot of work we felt that it was good to have. We play
100+ shows and for about 20 years and there’s still a chance of
someone not seeing us at a club or a show. The radio show gives
listeners an idea of what we like, what we play, etc. It’s
broadcasted around the world at FM stations, podcasts,
SoundCloud, etc. It’s a good statement and unbelievable that
200 is around the corner.

Who are some of the new artists you recommend listening

Bossi: You know in our scene, people that we mention
have been out there for a long time. But they’re not even on
top. There’s a lot of guys that do more progressive, deeper
kind of sound that is not necessarily called trance.

Nic: We produced two songs with Alastor on the album.
He’s doing great stuff and so talented.

Bossi: There’s a lot guys around that maybe didn’t
really break through, which is kind of hard these days because
there’s so many artists. There’s good music out and we always
appreciate those who dive in a little bit deeper and not just
necessarily go for the top artists, work there way in, etc.

Nic: There’s so many artists that they all start
sounding the same. It’s really important to separate yourself
from the masses.

Bossi: You have to do something different. Otherwise,
what are you standing for? If you copy things, you are always
following the trend. You got to somehow try to be the trend.
This counts maybe even more for upcoming guys. If you’re just
suddenly out there because you made a copy of a big track.
What’s going to be the follow up single? Are you going to make
a copy of your own copy? Be unique and always come from the
heart and less from the head.

How has the touring been so far?

Nic: Like you said, we’re always touring. I can’t
imagine myself differently than that. It’s been amazing, it’s
always incredible to produce songs and play it to the the crowd
seeing how they react. If they feel it the same way you
imagined it in the studio then it’s so much more intense.

Bossi: In the end it’s dance music. We produce our music
for the dance floors. That’s how we feel music and that’s where
we’re coming from. We feel like it’s pretty arrogant to come up
with a track and be like that sh*t is dope. You never can be
sure of people sharing your opinions for the music. It’s always
a great, nerve-shaking moment to release a full album.

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

Bossi: We feel like Ch. 2 “Materia” was our next step in
our history. In eight months time, exactly 20 years ago we
produced our first track together. When you’re out there for
about 20 years, maybe it’s something to be proud about and
still be relevant.

Nic: We’re not doing the same thing over and over again.
We’re very proud that we constantly evolve and still be
relevant. We’re just following one recipe. We’re always trying
to push ourselves and push boundaries.

Bossi: That’s what we like. This is just something that
keeps us going. It was our hobby. We were these guys just
sitting in the basement. We’re lucky to be professional DJs
from our hobby. You never go to work in the end. You’re
jet-lagged, you’re tired and never have time for friends or

Nic: It wasn’t a process. It was natural for us.

Bossi: When we started, no one wanted to be a DJ.

What do you have planned for 2018?

Nic: We’re going to be working on a new mix compilation.
A “Wake Your Mind” Sessions Volume 3. That’s in store for end
of January or February.

Bossi: We have new releases for mid March. We have
collaborations, singles and new remixes. Club remixes and one
or two new tracks that didn’t even make it on Ch. 2 “Materia”.

Nic: When we have the mix compilation finished, we love
playing long sets. Because not everyone has the chance to see
us for an hour. With our mix compilation, we can show more of
our progressive side and start slow.

Bossi: We’re not going to bang it out immediately. We
build it up from the first 20 or 30 minutes. You know when
you’re driving in the car and you’re getting lost in the music.
You don’t need the track to finish in four minutes. That’s when
you succeed. That’s when a DJ create the vibe with a slower
build up. It’s going to be two mixes of 70 minutes. You do have
the time to start the story a little slower.

Nic: So that’s in store for early 2018.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

Bossi: It’s so yesterday but my noise cancellation
headphones, the battery went black on me today. I was sitting
there, took the headphones off and I knew in that moment I
f*cking love these headphones. When you have them on, the
stress level goes drastically down. So I got to say, I’m
obsessed with these. I only realized it today. When I’m
traveling on my own, I always have these on and I don’t hear
all the shouting or noise.

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NGHTMRE closes out successful performance in San Francisco

NGHTMRE completely took the entire crowd by the storm at the
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this past
weekend. The show was coined “NGHTMRE Before Xmas” with special
guests Valentino Khan, Spock, YehMe2 and Ephwurd. It was very
satisfying to see him drop a variety of records ranging from
his classics such as “Need You” and his tasteful remix of
“Limelight” to the recent collaborative track with Dillon
Francis called “Another Dimension”. The latest record is on his
Pt. II EP which he also played like “On The Run” with Passeport
and “The Killer” with Bret James & RNSOM.

NGHTMRE continues to push his musical boundaries given his
versatile discography and his performance was a perfect
testament to his dynamic production prowess. From his slew of
earlier remixes it is no doubt next year is looking bright for
the DJ and producer.

For more information visit NGHTMRE on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram.

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Spock discusses his latest record “OMG” with Oolacile + more

Spock is one of the rising artists on Getter’s label Shred
Collective. Fresno-based producer and DJ, Spock or Garrett
Spock, joined the “suh dude” imprint via his debut single
called “Four Eyes”. Previously, Spock has dropped some bass
heavy tracks on Discipline Recordings. Spock is one of the most
innovative talents that is pushing bass music to another level.
We got a chance to meet him after his performance at Bill
Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to discuss his latest
song “OMG” with Oolacile.

What got you started in music in the beginning?

My dad played guitar, so one day I was just like dude I’m going
to learn how to play the guitar. I borrowed his guitar and
learned how to play it. I love metal so I started playing the
drums. I always thought electronic music was stupid because
metal is cool. Then I heard Skrillex and that was cool.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I think just in general, I love aggressive music and as a
teenager you experience a lot of angst. You’re just angry and
mad at things and you’re not sure why. As a kid we kind of
struggle with stuff. Heavy metal was an outlet. When I was in a
bad mood I would just listen to metal and feel empowered with
myself. Also, silly things and humor. Making things sound funny
is fun.

Describe to us your sound.

Silly and heavy.

Talk to us about your recent record  “OMG” with

I’ve known Cooper Oolacile for awhile and we were always
talking about making a song. I think I went over to his house
one night to watch La La Land with a bunch of people. I was
like dude we should like write a song and we did. So watch
movies with your friends and you’ll make riddim bangers.

What made you write “Digital War”?

I wanted to write some more bass house. I wrote the first part
of the drop and made the chord progression. It sounded weird
and not normal. It was fun and kind of different I guess.

What gets you into the creative mode when you’re in the

When I sit down it’s kind of hard to force out your ideas and
creativity. So for me I’ll just make something and even if it
sucks, it might turn into something.

Do you have any upcoming records you can share with us

I have an EP next year coming in Spring 2018.

How has this year been so far for you?

Dude it’s been crazy. At the beginning of the year I was
delivering pizzas. Now I’m a touring DJ. It’s like a dream come

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

I have anxiety about many things like traveling. Going on
planes and stuff I hate it. Just fighting through that and
pursing my dream even though that makes me super anxious and
uncomfortable I would battle that.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s this game on PC and it’s like
Minecraft with sick graphics. You spawn on an island and
there’s dinosaurs everywhere. You can tame them and ride them.

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Valentino Khan goes in-depth on latest single and music video “Gold” + more

It’s quite impossible to not have heard of VALENTINO KHAN‘s
music. From hip-hop to four on the floor, his production
prowess knows no limits. From producing for Bruno Mars, 2
Chainz to signing into OWSLA, Mad Decent and more — Valentino
is truly a rare talent with a thirst for innovative music.
Known for his forward thinking discography that ranges from
progressive house, trap, techno to hardstyle and more, he is
one of the most sought after producers for remixes. We got a
chance to meet with him for the first time about his latest
record called “Gold” with Sean Paul after his sold out
performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

What got you started in music in the beginning?

I just started messing with production software in the
computer. At the time I was really inspired by Dr. Dre,
Pharrell, Timbaland, etc. I thought they were all really
innovative and pushing music forward. It really appealed to me.
When I started to do it and kind of make whatever I want and
immediately fell in love with it. I was spending all my free
time doing it.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I would saw early on I was inspired by those guys – Timbaland,
Dr. Dre and The Neptunes. In terms of dance music, I’m kind of
collectively inspired by everybody. That’s why my sound is so
versatile. I think it’s a really cool collective of artists for
the most part that are making sounds that are forward-thinking.
I’m really trying to embody that in my music.

Describe to us your sound.

My sound is very versatile. It’s kind of all over the place. I
don’t really stick to the same thing over and over. It keeps it
fun and fresh for me that way. It makes it way more exciting
when I’m able to go into the studio and make whatever I want.
It’s refreshing.

Talk to us about your recent single “Gold” with Sean

Yeah, it was cool. Sean and I got set up in the studio session
together. Before he came in I made the immediate track in about
an hour. Afterwards, it came together really smoothly. He’s a
really good dude, amazing to work with. We didn’t write
anything down the whole time in the studio, he would just spit
everything off the top on his own. We were all on the same page
the whole time which made it really easy.

What is the story behind the music video?

Shout out to Little Internet who directed it. We wanted to
something with it since it was based in Jamaica. Sean’s from
there and I got to fly down. I never been there and I was
hanging with Sean and everyone. We just wanted to make
something that captured the good vibe of the music.

What gets you into the creative mode when you’re in the

To be honest sometimes I could just sit down and the thing that
would inspire me is just finding a really weird sound. Or
having a vocal is kind of a starting off point for me to make a
song around. I try to work in a way where I’m not regulated by
having to start with drums or synth. It can kind of come
together in a multitude of ways. It definitely helps me jump
off any source of inspiration.

You’ve such an impressive and tasteful discography this past
years, do you have any upcoming records you can share with us

Nothing I can share right now. They’re all singles and
collaborative works that I cannot talk about yet. But I am
working to finish all of those and lining them up for 2018.

You’ve been touring a lot. How’s it been so far? 

It’s been awesome. The only thing I sometimes I wish I could do
is just teleport instead of going on airplanes. Beside that
it’s amazing to be able to travel to the world and meet so many
cool people. Going to cool environments and play the music that
I love making.

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

Doing multiple touring runs in Europe. Sometimes it can be
really hard for an American artist to crossover. I’ve been
really fortunate to translate over there because I have a huge
fanbase in Europe. Not just Europe, but going to Asia and
Australia, etc. It’s been really cool and interesting.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

I’ve been on Amazon a lot recently. I’ve been suckered into
that 1-Click Ordering. That’s very dangerous. It’s so
convenient. I start to run up my credit card bill that way.

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Ephwurd teams up with Insominac for LA takeover at Belasco Theater

The power duo, EPHWURD, which is
comprised of producers and DJs DATSIK and BAIS HAUS, has
recently announced their headlining performance on Friday,
December 15 at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California
to wrap up this year. From their stage performances at
festivals like EDC Las Vegas to Lollapalooza, beginning their
own record label and radio show, 2017 has been a tremendous
year for these two talents. They will be bringing along
favorites like LUCA LUSH, WHIPPED CREAM,
of course the prized PK Sound system to ensure there will be
plenty of bass all night long.

Tickets are available

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NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis comes together on “Another Dimension”

You know when two heavyweight DJs and producers collaborate on
a record it’s going to be out of this world. NGHTMRE and DILLON FRANCIS
came together on their latest collaborative track titled,
“Another Dimension.” The record packs pounding bass with an
infectious percussion and synths elements that combined with
the lyrical opening “Pay close attention, I’ll take the brain
to another dimension,”. “Another Dimension” is the fourth and
final track on NGHTMRE’s “II” EP, out on Mad Decent. Be sure to
catch NGHTMRE as he continues touring below.

Tour Dates:
12/14 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
12/15 – Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO
12/16 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA
12/17 – Belly Up – Aspen, CO
12/20 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
12/21 – Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD
12/22 – House Of Blues – Boston, MA
12/23 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY
12/26 – Solaris Winter Music Festival – Toronto, Canada
12/28 – Beta Nightclub – Denver, CO
12/29 – Lights All Night – Dallas, TX
12/29 – Resolution – Seattle, WA
12/30 – Lights All Night – Dallas, TX
12/31 – OMFG! NYE 2018 – San Diego, CA

Tickets for his tour are available here.

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7th annual SnowGlobe Music Festival has a massive lineup

SnowGlobe is happening again and it’s the seventh annual
edition to ring in the new year. The highly anticipated artist
lineup includes DILLION
, ZEDD, MADEON and more. The
music festival takes place in South Lake Tahoe in California on
December 29, 30 and 31, 2017. With 3 breathtaking stages the
outdoor festivities will resume with over 50 artists and
incredible fireworks display to coincidence with the solid

The festival grounds will be held at Bijou Park on the Lake
Tahoe Community College campus with a brand new layout which
includes new art installations, Big Air activation
(professional ski and snowboard demos that will be showcased
in-between performances).

Be sure to grab the last remaining tickets and book your stay
before it’s completely sold out!

For more information on news and the music festival, visit
their website.

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BlackGummy goes in-depth on latest EP ‘Monolith’ + more

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, Iman Marouf, or widely known
as BLACKGUMMY, is still
one of mau5trap best talents on the DEADMAU5‘s label.
Trained by Steve Duda himself, the sound engineer was also the
one of the masterminds behind the popular Serum VST. From his
debut EP called “Singularity” to his latest “Monolith”,
BlackGummy continues to push musical boundaries with his
uninhibited, dark industry sound that journeys to progressive
melodies. Not much is known about BlackGummy apart from his
music, but it is said that the producer spends his time in the
studio locked away crafting new sounds. It’s always fascinating
to listen to artists who have a taste for historical idols,
hence the name and alien-like look. We got a chance to meet
with him after his performance at sold out show at The Warfield
in San Francisco as he continues to tour alongside fellow label
mate, REZZ.

How did you get into music in the beginning?

Growing up, I always had a love for music. When I was about 6
years old, my uncle produced an album which was one of the
first things that sparked my curiosity to understanding how
music is made using computers. That curiosity led me down a
path which took me to where I am today.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I’m constantly getting inspired, there isn’t really one person
or thing that I pull most of my inspiration from. Sometimes
producing with a nice view could be all the inspiration I need.
But really it’s just different creations that inspire me,
whether that’s natural rock formations like the Grand Canyon,
to architecture, to music, to film.

What’s the story behind your name?

I first encountered the idol named BlackGummy when I was on a
trip across the Middle East and Asia. And when I saw it, the
name kind of just fit naturally. So I adopted it as my own.

Describe to us your sound.

I think the best word to describe my sound is “dark”. There are
times when I take it to a euphoric place to help create more
contrast throughout a set or song but it pretty much always
ends up going dark.

Talk to us about your latest EP “Monolith”.

‘Monolith’ was my third EP, which is the final installment of a
three-part arc of themes I wanted to explore. ‘Singularity’,
the first EP, explored humanity’s relationship with technology;
‘Impactor’, the second, was inspired by the Earth’s long and
complex relationship with all forms of life (human and
otherwise); and I came up with the concept behind ‘Monolith’,
the third, after thinking a lot about the value that humans
place on symbols. In terms of the music, for ‘Monolith’ I took
a slightly more minimal approach, writing the music based off
of inspiration I got through visiting different archeological
sites. One specific idea which had a big impact on my writing
was the idea of creating extreme contrast to make something
small feel much bigger than it actually is. This technique is
used a lot in architecture and can also be applied in music.
The three EPs are key to the BlackGummy narrative. In order to
understand the rest of the story and existence of the
bear-shaped idol, it’s key to understand that the idol existed
throughout different time periods, including the periods
explored in each EP (future, past, and present, respectively).

You just wrapped up your massive tour. How was it?

I couldn’t be happier and am extremely grateful for all the
support. It’s definitely inspired me to work even harder for
the next tour in 2018. We may be announcing some news regarding
2018 soon…

Talk to us about your remix of MOGUAI‘s “Oyster”.

I was asked if I would be interested in remixing a song of
Moguai’s for the mau5trap compilation album and the first song
to come to mind of his was Oyster. I had always liked the
melody of the track and would play out the MICHAEL WOODS
remix which was a more heavy hitting progressive version of the
track. At the time of accepting the remix, it was club season
in Ibiza and I had been watching a lot of videos from the
events. The minimal style resonated with me and I felt like
making an Ibiza edit of the track could work really well.

What is one achievement you are most proud of this year?

rReleasing my third EP and making it to every show on the tour
without missing a single date. Sometimes that can be tough with
how much airlines like to keep you on your toes by cancelling
flights at the last minute.

Are there any upcoming records you can share with us

I’ve started working on new music but that’s about as much as I
can say right now. And also some collaborations with some names
you may recognize…

What is one thing you are obsessed with?

I’m obsessed with seeing boundaries get pushed or broken in
music. Whether it’s a technical innovation, live production, or
even narrative story-telling. That’s what I admire so much
about ERIC
and Deadmau5. They’re making music on a technical
level unlike anything made before. And they’re curating live
performance experiences that really capture 100% of your
attention when you’re there.

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Big Gigantic to perform at The Warfield in San Francisco

Big Gigantic has had a successful year with their music. With
major syncs in the books with big companies such as Apple, MTV,
Cubs World Series, NBA All Star Weekend and more, the act is
continuing their tour. Chances are you have probably heard
multiple records from BIG GIGANTIC in
just watching commercials which is a huge achievement for any

Big Gigantic are set to perform at The Warfield on Saturday,
December 2 so don’t miss out on their incredible performance
with live vocals, saxophone, drums, horns and more. The group
dropped their album “Brighter Future” last year.

Tickets for the Saturday, December 2 at The Warfield in San
Francisco are available here.

Follow Big Gigantic online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube |

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Getter closes out Regency Ballroom in San Francisco

If you haven’t already heard of “SUH Dude” awhile ago from
GETTER you are
missing out. Getter just wrapped up an incredible performance
at his San Francisco stop as part of his huge two month-long
tour called ‘Big Tour’ at the Regency Ballroom in San
Francisco. The DJ and producer also recently dropped new
records with PARTY NAILS called
“Solo” and “Big Mouth” which are both on his imprint called
Shred Collective.

The show itself was one for the books as he completely dropped
track after track with heavy hitting bass which the audience
was dying to hear. One of the most memorable experiences was
when he played “Inhalant Abuse” which was a massive record that
followed his world tour earlier called The Shred Zone. The
crowd went completely nuts and at times the entire venue was
shaking. Getter is considered one of the unsung hero of
underground bass culture and seeing him progress as an artist,
dabbling into more experimental style of bass and gnarly synths
while integrating vocals has made him stand out as a unique

Tour Dates:
11/22 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
11/24 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst Atrium
11/25 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
11/30 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theater
12/1 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theater

Follow Getter online:
| Twitter |

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REZZ closes out sold out performance at The Warfield in San Francisco

REZZ is definitely one of the most talented producers we’ve
seen and heard in a very long time. To put it plainly, just
being signed and having releases on mau5trap (Deadmau5’s label)
is a huge achievement in itself. This girl has the prowess,
creativity and everything else in between for success and this
past weekend her completely sold out performance at The
Warfield in San Francisco was a true testament to that.

REZZ’s performance was one of the best we have attended, the
visuals, the sounds, her DJing — it was all executed extremely
well and at such a young age these producers are hard to come
by. She is still embarking on her massive world tour called
‘Mass Manipulation’ which is also her latest album. When she
dropped all-time favorites such as “Edge”, “DRUGS!” and “Purple
Gusher” the crowd was in complete mayhem. It’s safe to say the
entire venue was recruited into the ‘Cult of REZZ‘. Known for her
tasteful sounds of sinister and dark techno beats, it’s without
doubt this is one artist to watch out for.

Tour Dates:
Nov 22 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
Dec 8 – Budapest, HU – A38
Dec 9 – Rennes, FR – Trans Musicales Festival
Dec 16 – New York, NY – Playstation Theater
Dec 26 – 27 – Vancouver, BC – Contact Festival
Dec 27 – Edmonton, AB – Get Together
Dec 30 – Gisborne, NZ – Rhythm & Vines
Dec 31 – Perth, AU – Origin NYE
Jan 1 – Brisbane, AU – Day One
Jan 1 – Sydney, AU – Field Day
Jan 4 – Adelaide, AU

Check out the full photo set by Elizabeth Hagearty on


Follow REZZ online:
Website | Facebook |
Twitter |
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Getter goes on Big Mouth Tour + new single “Solo” with Party Nails

Getter…the DJ, producer, rapper and comedian. The man of many
talents. Recently, he dropped his latest collaborative single
with PARTY
on “Solo” which dropped on his imprint, Shred
Collective. The track itself sits differently than his usual
sound, which contains high pitched vocals from Party Nails
accompanied with bouncy basslines and melodic synths. Not many
producers these days can display such a unique taste and talent
of music like GETTER. “Solo”
definitely gives nod to his previous experimental records
called “Inhalant Abuse” and “Bury Me”.

Getter is continuing his massive two month tour called ‘Big
Mouth’ with special guests such as Ski Mask The Slump God and

Tickets for Saturday, November 18 at Regency Ballroom are
available here.

Be sure to enter for ticket giveaway on
, Twitter
and Instagram.

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Insomniac brings RARE NorCal to Concord Pavilion on Nov 11

Tickets for RARE NorCal are available here.

Insomniac is bringing CARNAGE‘s RARE to the
Bay Area on Saturday, November 11 at the Concord Pavilion in
Concord, California. It is set to be on heavy day of bass in
your face. On top of that, he will be bringing along some of
the best in class such as ADVENTURE CLUB,
one act on the lineup that has not yet been revealed and we
cannot wait to find out who Carnage will be taking. RARE has
just finished its stop at Orlando and you can watch all the

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Sofi Tukker on newest single “Best Friend”, music video, tour + more

Sofi Tukker has had an incredible year this year and the duo is
not slowing down. They just recently dropped a brand new single
called “Best Friend” and it landed on Apple’s official iPhone X
television commercial ad. Now that is quite an accomplishment.
From their earlier successes of hit single “Drinkee” they are
now currently continuing their fall leg of their massive tour
with ODESZA and
. We got a chance to catch up with them both at their
performance at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California for
their 3 night sold out show.

You’ve been busy in the studio! Talk to us about your record
“Best Friend” with NERVO, THE KNOCKS, ALISA UENO. What is
the song about?

Tukker: Yeah it was a pretty fun one. It was a sort of a
organic thing. I was with Sofi in my parent’s garage and we
should of started this beat thing and Sofi was on the phone
with her best friend and she heard what I was doing and was so
in love with talking with her best friend from college that she
was like let me write about it and I was like perfect. She
wrote a verse and we didn’t know what to do with it and we have
recently become friends with NERVO and they told us about this
artist named Alisa Ueno from Tokyo that they manage. They were
like if you ever want a Japanese verse (because they know we do
different language stuff). So I hit them up and was like yo
this one might be fun for a Japanese verse and they responded
and they were like we love this record can we get on it too? I
was like uh yeah. It’s already about friends so lets just get a
bunch of friends on there and have it be this fun thing so we
called it “Best Friend” and it shaped up. It was really cool.

Sofi: Also, a really fun fact is the cowbell from that
song is a Brazilian rhythm. It opens the song. One of the
drummers from the show yesterday was like hey what’s that song
that starts with the samba?

Tukker: She’s talking about the drumline because Odesza
is touring with a big group of drummers.

Sofi: We got some Brazilian influence in there even if
it’s not that as obvious.

The record actually landed on Apple’s iPhone X ad…that’s a
huge achievement for any artist. How do you feel seeing and
hearing you own work on Apple’s ads?

Tukker: It was pretty crazy. That one was especially
crazy because the ad was big news and we really didn’t expect
it to be a big commercial thing.

Sofi: It was really a shock to us and obviously it’s an
honor because I was listening to other artists on their iPhone
ads growing up and that was a big thing. Yeah we’re kind of
still in shock and really grateful and lucky.

Tukker: It’s going to be airing on television soon so
it’ll sort of be like worldwide as well which will be pretty

The music videos you make are always very creative and
tasteful. Where can when can we see the music video for “Best

Sofi: It just came out this morning!

Tukker: On YouTube! It was basically the most fun
because NERVO has a residency in Ibiza and we went to play it
and we decided like hey lets do the video while we’re there and
we had The Knocks and Alisa Ueno come as well. We just filmed
us having so much fun.

We love the remix of “Fuck They” by BENNY BENASSI and
MazZz. What got you into having these two rework it?

Sofi: We actually met Benny through a mutual friend.
Then we started seeing him all the time. He is literally the
nicest guy and we just kept staying in touch and we just asked
him and he was like of course.

Tukker: We went to his Mixmag Lab in Brooklyn like 6
months ago and it was right near our house. We were like whoa
that’s crazy Benny Benassi is like right there. And apparently
he wanted to meet us because “Drinkee” was a really big radio
song and he knew who we were from that. So we met and we were
delighted to meet him and it was very cool because he was
delighted to meet us. We sort of stayed friends and saw him at
all these festivals and we reached out and he was like yeah I
love this track. It was crazy.

You’re on tour with Odesza and Chet Porter. How’s it been so

Sofi: I mean it’s funny because Odesza are the nicest
guys but I mean it.

Tukker: They’re sooooo nice. They would like stand on
the side and watch us perform. They also go out of their way to
try and hang. I had lunch with them catering at Santa Barbara
Bowl. They were asking about SOFI TUKKER and how
we started and stuff.

Sofi: And meanwhile they had some huge things going on.
The are the most ego-less guys. They’re just so kind and always
asking us questions.

Tukker: They’re at Jimmy Kimmel right now

Speaking of natural disasters, you raised some awareness on
donations. How do you feel about recent mayhem from mother

Tukker: I mean we feel terrible. We sort of just did the
best we could. But we’re hoping it would sort of rub off and
other people would start doing things to raise money and
awareness to people in need because there’s so many people all
over the world that are in need. Even more than usual with
global warming and all sorts of things on top of already bad
things that are happening.

Sofi: We wish there was more we could do. Another big
part of what we’re trying to do is knowing how the media
portray things and we’re hyperaware of how things are and we
also want to be bringing really good things and some joy where
you see radiant, happy and connected people. It’s important for
us to be spreading good news too. It’s a hard balance, we’re
still learning how to navigate it. It’s not like we can bring
up something every day. There’s so many things that are worthy
of bringing up. We’re trying to figure out what the balance is.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can share with us

Tukker: I don’t think we can say but we do have a lot of
remixes coming out for “Best Friends” that we are really
excited about. I don’t think we can say exactly when the next
single is coming out because everything is always kind of sort
of up in the air and go with the flow and also we’re not
allowed to even when we do know. We have a lot coming. Super
excited to get the video out. Then we’ll get the remixes out
and see what’s popping when the commercial starts being on
television for “Best Friends”.

If you weren’t artists what do you see yourselves doing?

Tukker: I’d be a basketball player.

Sofi: I really don’t know. I was studying conflict
resolution. I was a mediator before. It’s hard to think of
alternate realities because I am happy with this reality.

What is one thing you are most proud of this year?

Tukker: I’m proud of Sofi for getting through a bad
migraine and figuring out what was going on health wise and
staying focused while she was really out for awhile. I’m proud
of her and we can get through times when one of us is having a
bit of issues and the other one has to step up. It’s good to
know what we have that.

Sofi: I’m really proud of Tukker for stepping up. He
went to Las Vegas by himself, he went to Europe by himself, he
went to Mexico on his own and had to carry the flag for us. He
did it beautifully and really proud of it.

What can we expect from you next year?

Tukker: A lot of touring. More than this year. Having
more production and stuff behind it. That’s going to be really
fun and exciting. We’re gonna hit South America a bit more
hopefully. We may hit Europe a bit more hopefully, definitely.
Hopefully, definitely because it’s unofficial.

Sofi: A lot of music. And a lot of videos.

Be sure to grab tickets to see Sofi Tukker this fall on tour
w/ Odesza* here.

Tour Dates:
Nov 3 – Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum*
Nov 4 – Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum*
Nov 8 – Minneapolis, MN @ Myth*
Nov 9 – Minneapolis, MN @ Myth*
Nov 10 – Madison, WI @ Alliant Energy Center*
Nov 11 – Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion*
Nov 14 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple*
Nov 17 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis*
Nov 18 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis*
Nov 21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory*
Nov 22 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory*
Dec 15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center*

Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel

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REZZ hits Regency Ballroom in San Francisco as part of Mass Manipulation tour

REZZ is one of the most hottest electronic talents and she’s on
a massive world tour for her debut album she dropped earlier
this year called ‘Mass Manipulation’. To support her tour and
album, she has also brought her album to life with a 60 page
comic book. The book is available to
now which is the full storyline of the music
video that dropped earlier for ‘Premonition’.

If you haven’t listened to REZZ‘s music, it is the
perfect blend of dark, hypnotic melodies that puts you in a
state of mind that is infectiously sound-satisfying. Just a
forewarning though…many listeners have joined the cult of
REZZ once they have tuned into her music…

“Luis Colindres and I created ‘Mass Manipulation’ as a
60-page comic book to help tell the story of my album. It shows
REZZ arriving from Neptune to mass manipulate and hypnotize
planet earth. Accompanying the comic book is an animated music
video for ‘Premonition’, which features images and highlights
from the comic book.”

Tour Dates:
Oct 31 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre
Nov 2 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West (Early Show)
Nov 2 – Atlanta, GA – Terminal West (Late Show) – SOLD OUT
Nov 3 – Richmond, VA – The National
Nov 4 – Oklahoma City, OK – OKC Farmers Public Market
Nov 17 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre
Nov 18 – Chandler, AZ – Goldrush
Nov 22 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
Dec 8 – Budapest, HU – A38
Dec 9 – Rennes, FR – Trans Musicales Festival
Dec 16 – New York, NY – Playstation Theater
Dec 26 – 27 – Vancouver, BC – Contact Festival
Dec 27 – Edmonton, AB – Get Together
Dec 30 – Gisborne, NZ – Rhythm & Vines
Dec 31 – Perth, AU – Origin NYE
Jan 1 – Brisbane, AU – Day One
Jan 1 – Sydney, AU – Field Day
Jan 4 – Adelaide, AU

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Website | Facebook |
Twitter |
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Desert Hearts brings Take The Ride Tour to San Francisco this Friday

Desert Hearts is coming to San Francisco as part of their Take
The Ride Tour this Friday. The fall leg is set to span 37 dates
across North America with some of the best venues in the
continent such as The Belasco in Los Angeles, Public Works in
San Francisco and The Mid in Chicago. You might have seen the
label at some festivals before and it’s becoming even more and
more popular. The love moment is widespread and the label is
committed to spreading good music with good people while
enjoying good talent.

For the San Francisco edition they will be bringing MIKEY LION, LEE REYNOLDS,
and IWATA. This Friday is
bound to be an unforgettable night of House, Techno & Love
as we all come together as Desert Hearts.

Tickets are still available here.

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Website |
Facebook |
| SoundCloud |
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Lubelski drops new EP ‘Keep Going’ on Desert Hearts

Photo Credit: Kayte Demont

Lubelski recently released his brand new EP titled “Keep Going”
via Desert Hearts record label. To top it all off, he’s
releases both records for free in either WAV or MP3 format. The EP gives nod to
the successful track he produced earlier last year called
“Doses” which grew up become the anthem. “Keep Going” continues
the vibes with tasteful samples of Prince guitar and tripped
out vocals. “This Musik” brings out LUBELSKI‘s funky beats
that compliments the first record. The melody embedded in the
record contains some of the best grooves we’ve heard in awhile
and is sure to get any dancefloor going. We’re all glad to see
him back.

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Facebook |
Twitter |
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Justin Martin’s memorable performance at The Gaslamp Fantasy

It’s not every day you get to see JUSTIN MARTIN
perform at a special event. This past weekend Justin Martin was
set to play at the coveted Conservatory of Flowers at Golden
Gate Park in San Francisco, California. The event was a benefit
concert where all the ticket proceeds went directly to the
venue itself. What was truly special was the Victorian splendor
that decorated the venue with large-scale project mapping, open
bars, arts and crafts and even a butterfly haven.

Justin Martin was the headliner for the night and it was a
perfect blend of classy and funky. It was an incredible
jaw-dropping production as theatrical acts on stilts walked
around the venue with unique outfits that resembled much like
Burning Man vibe. To put it in words, it felt like Dirtybird
Campout except with plants and flowers…lots of flowers

As soon as Justin Martin dropped his recent record with Walker
& Royce “The Feels”, the entire crowd went nuts as hundreds
were grooving on the grass area in front of the stage tent
where Justin played. It’s always very satisfying to see one of
the best acts from the Dirtybird crew perform for a benefit
event. It just goes to show how someone so talented can also be
so selfless, which is what makes the entire Dirtybird
experience worthwhile.

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RL Grime blew everyone’s minds at his performance in San Francisco

Photo Credit: Yimmy Yayo

The LA producer and DJ just recently kicked off his huge NOVA
tour. Since his previous VOID tour, it’s safe to say the
production will be taken up another notch and this past weekend
completely blew everything out of the water. The show itself
was incredibly jaw dropping because RL GRIME was literally
performing like 12 feet above the ground on an elevated stage
with massive LED installations.

RL Grime is one of those producers that countlessly pushes
musical boundaries that cannot be tied to simply any genre. The
performance was a testament to the timeless sounds that RL
Grime continually produces where his music takes listeners on
an unforgettable journey. One of the most anticipated records
that he dropped was his collaborative track with R&B artist
Miguel called “Stay For It”. Both nights were completely sold
out as well as his official after party. There’s just something
magical seeing RL Grime performing on what seems to be a
spaceship above ground which only added to the out-of-body
experience. We cannot wait until RL Grime finally releases his
latest album NOVA. Be sure to grab tickets below to see him
perform as his NOVA tour continues on.

Tickets for the NOVA Tour are available here.

Tour Dates:
10/25 – El Rey Theater – Albuquerque, NM
10/26 – Tricky Falls – El Paso,TX
10/31 – The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
11/1 – Marathon Music Works – Nashville, TN
11/2 – The Fillmore Charlotte – Charlotte, NC
11/3 – Echostage – Washington, DC
11/4 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
11/5 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
11/8 – House of Blues – Boston, MA
11/09 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
11/10 – Corona Theatre – Montréal, Canada
11/11 – Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON
11/14 – Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI
11/15 – Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
11/16 – Myth Live – St. Paul, MN
11/18 – 1st Bank Center – Broomfield, CO
11/22 – Valley View Casino Center – San Diego, CA
11/24 – Shrine Expo Hall – Los Angeles, CA
11/25 – Shrine Expo Hall – Los Angeles, CA

Follow RL Grime online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube
| Instagram

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Marshmello drops “Silence” remix package ft. Khalid

Today, one of the world’s most successful and talented producer
and DJ, MARSHMELLO, just
released his remix package of his global top chart smash hit
“Silence” featuring the 19-year-old sensation, KHALID. The original
record has fostered over 49 million streams on Spotify alone,
has been reinterpreted by the iconic acts such as Tiësto,
CAMP, and ILLENIUM. All four
remixes are available now via digital retail.

1. Marshmello x Khalid – Silence (Tiësto’s Big Room Remix)
2. Marshmello x Khalid x Slushii – Silence (Slushii Remix)
3. Marshmello x Khalid x SUMR CAMP – Silence (SUMR CAMP
4. Marshmello x Khalid x Illenium – Silence (Illenium Remix)

Each remix contains its own unique rework which reflects upon
Marshmello’s tasteful musical styles. It’s very interesting to
listen to such an incredible hit that is redone by other solid
producers alike. It’ safe to say that Marshmello is one that
you cannot condone to any specific genre — and that is
essentially what makes him so successful and memorable. So go
ahead and give each a listen!

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Party Favor goes in-depth on new single “Bury”, new tour, merch and more

With a brand new collaborative record called “Bury” with
featuring RICHIE LOOP,
is set across a massive tour and this time headlining with
special guests such as FALCONS, FKI-1ST,
across the U.S. “Bury” is the latest track from Party Favor
which features that addicting moombahton beat that we all know
but with his signature sound. Together with Monster Energy,
he’s set on his “Tuned Tour” tour with a bunch of unreleased
music as well. We got a chance to catch up with him before his
performance at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco this past

Talk to us about your latest collaboration with Bad Royale
on “Bury” featuring Richie Loop.

Yeah man, that song is easily a year and a half old at this
point. We made that song a long time ago and we were planning
to do a collaborative EP together and made four other songs.
They’re all pretty dope. We never really released them and we
waited too long. It felt outdated and started to second guess
ourselves in that sense but we’re really happy how it came
together. It used to have different lyrics. It’s just a fun
track. I was playing that out for literally a year straight
towards the end of the sets and I was getting such a great
reaction I was like we gotta release this out.

You’re on the road again and this time it’s called “Tuned
Out Tour”. How has it been so far?

It’s been amazing man. I’m always on the road so it’s kind of
the same old thing but it’s really cool to be on an officially
branded thing and have a set vibe of what I want to do. On
certain dates, we’re having full blown production like today.
So yeah, I’m really excited.

Talk to us about some of your support talent and

Yeah so the production we made these amazing facade of all
these old TVs but they were all hand built. Literally, there
was so much detail, we kind of put the old and the new together
in a cool way. It’s something I always wanted to do and now I
finally have the opportunity. I’m really excited to have the
opportunity to do this production. Each show we been having
special guest DJs that are in the area locally or local name
artists that are pretty big. Tonight, we have a really big one
coming out.

You also edited MAJOR LAZER’s and
“Original Don” which is an incredible track. What made you
decide to change it up a bit?

What’s funny is I like to make stuff that goes in my set that
people haven’t really heard before you know? If it’s something
that haven’t heard before or something that they don’t know if
it’s familiar and what to revisit, I want people to be like oh
wow that’s a song that was from three or four years ago that
was popping and now we have a chance to re-hear it again. That
was something that I made awhile ago and I played in my sets
for a long time. I just kept it to myself and a few DJs had it
and fans were asking for it. Now, tonight, I will play the VIP
version of it.

We absolutely love your new merchandise you just dropped.
Can you share with us a bit about that?

I think for me I’m always trying to come up with new cool
merchandise and not do what everyone else has been doing. At
the same time come up with swimwear because girls love to wear
that and I have a large female fanbase. One of the cool designs
was we kind of ripped off the old escape and destroy logo and
put “Party” and that was for my last EP last year. We got a lot
of really cool stuff that will hopefully be dropping this year.
2018 is really going to be a big change for me, a whole new
look, merchandise, vibe, production, etc…you’ll see. It’s
going to be a cool transition. Check it out here.

We saw yesterday you made a beat in just 30 mins. How was
that possible or what gets you into the creative mode?

Yeah, I got a challenge on social media like hey you should
make a beat and show us how you did it. It was fun for me man,
it was cool to challenge myself and also show people briefly
how I work. I want to use the beat in something. It’s 100% me.

We already know you have some pretty dope remixes coming up
because we caught a glimpse of what you tweeted earlier this
week. Anything you can share about upcoming records?

I just dropped “Bury” and I am working on an EP in February to
come out. That’s my goal. I got a really big, secret side
project that I am doing and that will be coming out next year.
You will be hearing a lot about that towards mid Spring. On top
of that, got a bunch of big remixes and “Chicken Soup” remix
that I will play tonight. It’s technically official but I don’t
know it if will come out officially. I think at a certain point
in time I will just put it out.

Talk to us about your normal life when you’re not producing
or touring.

Well, pretty much at all times I’m either working on music
because ideas pop in my head all the time while I’m on the road
or working at home. When I’m at home I like to spend a lot of
time getting exercise, fresh air, going to the beach because I
live right next to the water. Especially now I just try to take
time to relax on this tour. It’s cool, I’ve seen a lot of
places I haven’t seen in awhile and been touring a lot out of
the country for the past couple of mouths. It’s good to be back
to the states.

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be instead?

Well I used to work in the film industry and I had a job there.
A great job. I probably would still be there.

What is your favorite track you have produced to date?

That’s a good question because there’s a lot of songs that I am
super proud of and some that I am working on right now that I
am also super proud of but I would say the one song is probably
going to be “Bap U” because it was such a huge song before me
and it really pushed forward my name and brand so much.
Everyone kind of has that one song that kickstarts their
career. That was definitely one of the big ones, among other
things, that really kicked it off for me.

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Showtek discusses their sound, pushing musical boundaries

Showtek are DJs and producers Sjoerd and Wouter. They have been
one of those duos that have just kept growing bigger and
better. If you have followed or listened to their music for
awhile now you can definitely tell their sound is constantly
evolving. Music for them is not a destination, it’s a journey.
In the cusp of electronic music becoming continually saturated
and sounding all too familiar, SHOWTEK uniquely pushes
their production to the next level. We got a chance to meet the
brothers at their performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
in San Francisco, California this past weekend.

How did you get started in music from the beginning?

Sjoerd: I was a piano player and started playing when I
was 9 or 10. I wanted to compose my own stuff but I wasn’t into
electronic so I started making some beats,

Wouter: I had magic music maker – did you remember that?
I discovered it and was like oh, I can put samples together and
build a track.

Sjoerd: I knew we needed melody.

Wouter: I collected my own beats. Every record we had I
assembled the hi hats, kicks, claps. We started from there and
then we started making our own music as a hobby and it turned
out pretty well.

Who or what would you say is your biggest musical

Sjoerd: A lot of things. I was at a show and saw
Kardinal Offishall who is a Canadian/Jamaican artist. He’s
always throwing parties in Toronto. It inspired me and I went
back into the studio and made some stuff. To me it can be
anything – when you feel inspired you want to transform that
into your own kind of style.

Wouter: I get kind of itchy if I don’t start making
music for too long. There’s always something in my head.
Sometimes you’re just trying something out or you go in with an
idea in your head but there’s always a purpose.

How did you two meet each other?

Sjoerd: We’re brothers so my mom and dad set it up and
here we are.

What’s the story behind your name?

Sjoerd: We wanted to have our initials in it. We just
combined our names Sjoerd and Wouter and it turned out to be
‘Sjowtek’. Officially it was written with ‘teck’. When we
pressed it on the vinyl it was missing the ‘c’ but it actually
looked great. So we changed the name without the ‘c’.

Talk to us about your collaboration with GC on “Don’t Shoot”
and “Moshpit”.

Wouter: GC we met in Los Angeles a couple years ago.
Sonny Wilson is here with us right now and we did a reggae song
together. We love reggae and dance hall – it’s very popular in
Holland actually. We always wanted to fuse that with electronic
music. So we had a session with GC, worked on a bunch of
records, and had 20 other ideas still on our desktops but those
two are the first songs that we finished. Andre or GC, is very
talented. He also vibes with Sonny. We didn’t want to do just a
banger like “Moshpit” is fun and crazy and “Don’t Shoot” has
more a message to it.

How’s your touring been so far?

Sjoerd: We live in the US now so it’s much easier to
tour here than ever.

Wouter: We have about 20 shows lined up from now to October,
November. We have a good mixture of festivals and venues like
smaller 2,500 capacity clubs. I think the show here is 8,000
people. Especially California, I think we have a really strong
following here on the West Coast. There’s more to come and we
are very excited.

What’s been one festival that was incredible for you?

Sjoerd: Parookaville was a big festival in Germany. We
played a tune to tribute to Chester in Linkin Park. Sonny sang
and it was a very tragic moment but at the same time very
beautiful moment. We didn’t want to get too much attention out
of it but definitely memorable.

Wouter: EDC was always crazy.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed with?

Sjoerd: Mexican food.

Wouter: Guac.

Sjoerd: Music. We have a lot of cool stuff coming next
year. We’ve been working very hard on it. A lot of different
songs. We need like half a year.

Wouter: We’re in the zone where we are discovering
different genres and crossing boundaries. It’s pretty hard
because we did it once or twice almost. Now we want to always
reinvent ourselves. It’s a challenge but we made the decision
already. It’s just a matter of time.

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Party Favor to perform in San Francisco on Oct 6

Tickets for the show are still available

Party Favor just recently dropped a brand new record called
“Bury”. It is a collaborative track with BAD ROYALE featuring
vocals from Richie Loop. “Bury” has a such an infectious beat
that it is sure to get any dance floor going crazy. PARTY FAVOR has
taken moombahton and mastered it with his signature sound. To
kick off his new single, he has announced his headlining tour
called “Tuned Out” in partnership with Monster Energy’s
“Outbreak Tour”. Some of the supporting acts include Bad
with 24 dates announced across U.S.

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Jauz drops brand new record “Meant To Love You”

JAUZ aka Sam Vogel has just dropped a brand new track called
“Meant To Love You”. The Los Angeles native continues to
progress his signature sound pushing musical boundaries hit
after hit. The young DJ and producer showcases his tasteful
talent in his latest collaboration with vocalist ROUXN.The
track itself boasts flavorful house beats with a catchy
bassline that is sure to keep any dancefloor going. The
infectious groove that is embedded in the song with the melodic
vocal work fits perfectly well. “Meant To Love You” is somewhat
of a nostalgic throwback to to JAUZ‘s previous
chart-topping record that made waves called “Feel The Volume”.

Be sure to catch him perform at Audio on the Bay today at
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco here.

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| YouTube

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Bonobo closes out live performance at Bill Graham in SF

Photo Credit: Erik Wilhelm

Simon Green, most widely known as BONOBO, recently
performed a fully live set with vocalists and instrumentalists.
Having dropped his sixth album titled “Migration” he returns to
the road on a massive tour. It’s really awe-inspiring to
witness his live performance as he showcases his musical talent
on stage that is full of euphoric and emotional melodies.

I personally felt like the entire set was a journey much like
how life is, and could not help but give into the
thought-provoking musical textures that spread across the
venue. The overwhelming theme reflected the title of his album
“Migration”. I found myself thinking of how his music is that
of life, where we have our high and lows. More specifically,
how the world has “migrated” or “changed” recently with all the
natural disasters, politics and other
human/societal/environmental things.

It is very interesting how Bonobo’s remarkable performance
somehow united thousands of attendees that past weekend
regardless of anything because ultimately music is a universal
language that knows no boundaries.

Be sure to catch Bonobo live on tour here.

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Slander discusses their beginnings, music and more

Slander is Scott and Derek who hailing from Los Angeles. Last
weekend, we saw them perform at The Regency Ballroom in San
Francisco with the bass-fueled tracks such as their remix of
Major Lazer’s “Know No Better”. The rework of the record
absolutely made the crowd go crazy with hard hitting beats. The
duo is known for pioneering their own unique sound dubbed
“Heaven Trap” and we got a chance to meet with them in person
as they discuss their beginnings with NGHTMRE, production,
tours and more.

How did you get into music in the beginning?

Scott: We started as DJs. Derek and I met at UC Irvine,
we were in the same fraternity. Right when electronic music was
at a surge and hit Los Angeles, back then it wasn’t mainstream
yet. So if you met someone who was into electronic music you
instantly bonded with them. Our group of friends that was
coming together around electronic music was the glue that held
us together. We were going to shows at least once a month. We
decided that was not enough and started DJing together
naturally and organically. We became pretty big as local DJs in
Orange County. When we both graduated college Derek called me
and was like, “Yo, I don’t wanna a 9-5 for the rest of my life.
I wanna DJ.” So that way we get there is to start producing
because that is how we get to EDC and festivals we were going
to. So Derek went to Icon Collective which is also where he met
NGHTMRE. That’s where everything got started musically.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Derek: Yeah, I mean when we do get the time to be in the
studio I think most of the time when I am away from the studio
is when I get the most creative. I feel like there are months
when we didn’t book shows and we are in the studio every single
day. Just because of our schedule I feel like when we go
somewhere we’re taking in everything that we see, all the
people that we meet, everything that we hear, art is just a
reflection of you. Everything that you take in is just going to
go in your music automatically. That is why our music is
growing and changing because we’re going to and seeing all
these new places, new influences, etc. Just being creative is
about trusting yourself and saying I know it’s good and I don’t
care if people don’t like it. When you go in with that mindset,
you can be creative at any time. When you get bogged down it’s
when you think if someone is going to like it or if it’s going
to be popular. That’s when you stop being creative and start
judging yourself.

How do you get out of writer’s block?

Derek: Writer’s block is just fear. If you’re not scared
you won’t have writer’s block. If you feel like you have it,
just figure out where the fear is coming from and get over it.
There’s no reason to be scared of anything. Life is just a game
for fun.

Do you get nervous before you get on stage?

Derek: Sometimes, it just depends per show. There’s some
shows that are really important to us. Then there’s shows we’ve
never been to before. Most of the places we go we’ve played
there before so. Like if we’ve gone to a city before we kind of
know what to expect. Every time we go somewhere new or where
it’s a huge thing then yeah a little bit of butterflies.

Scott: The last one is EDC main stage. That was the
culmination of our last seven years of work. Our goal was to
play at EDC main stage. When it actually happened, it was the
most nervous we have been in awhile. We still felt comfortable
because it was our third time playing EDC. Playing that stage
was a big thing for us because we’re Los Angeles natives and
we’ve been going to EDC before it moved to Las Vegas you know.

What city or crowd stands out in your memory?

Derek: There’s this one place in Germany called Cologne.
The culture that they have created there on their blacklist
nights is unlike anything else in the entire world. It’s all
these kids from come together from different parts of Germany
for DJs they are excited to watch. Every drop they open up the
pit and they bounce together like a single cell organism kind
of like a moshpit. It’s like a crowd that is consistently super

Is it true you have roots in house music?

Scott: Well we got into music when trance was at the
main stage. Like when ARMIN VAN
and ABOVE &
was the main reason people were going to these
shows. When we started DJing there wasn’t like trap music or
anything like that yet. That was a really cool thing when songs
were like 8 or 9 minutes long and we played the whole track. We
got into house music and that started getting big like
progressive house like Swedish House Mafia. We were DJing and
the crowd loved that. That’s the music that people wanted to
hear. When the trap movement started in late 2012 or 2013,
that’s when we got inspired to do more than just DJing. It’s
kind of like future bass, we wanted to make people cry at a
trap show. It’s always been our goal. When we released “Heaven
Trap” type of tracks or “Superhuman”, we want the vocals and
drops to reinforce those emotions.

Derek: It’s more trance and future bass, with trance
it’s super emotional and its really about how songs making you
feel and not necessarily how it sounds. There’s a lot of future
bass songs that are super emotional but ours is like to make
you cry.

Scott: We dubbed it “Heaven Trap” because at the time
that’s when “Festival Trap” was a big coin term or whatever.
When you’re going on SoundCloud and see “Carnage Festival Trap
Remix” the “Festival Trap” aspect of it, you already kind of
knew what to expect from the song without listening to the
song. If you go to a car dealer and were like I want the
fastest Porsche ever and all the Porsches were 911, then I
wouldn’t know the difference between the fastest model or the
base model. Derek wanted a way to tell people this was the
emotion of the track without you having to listen to it.
“Heaven” was the word that described the emotion that was
given. That’s how it all came together.

Lets talk memes. What is one you absolutely love?

Scott: Probably the super hot fire one. Where all the
boys were like ohhhhhh. I also like the victory baby too.

Derek: I’m not super deep in the game. I’m into social
media though.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can share with us

Derek: Yeah, we have two songs with KAYZO coming out this
month. One comes out next week on Friday, September 29. Other
comes out on Halloween. He’s been our friend for a very long
time and we made songs with him five years ago. Excited to
reconnect with him and happy for his success. He was there
helping us in the beginning. It’s good to see someone working
so hard for so long and finally getting what he deserves. He
was the person who showed me Icon Collective.

Tour Dates:
9/29 – Lost Lands Music Festival – Thornville, OH
9/29 – Elektricity – Pontiac, MI
9/30 – Lost Lands Music Festival – Thornville, OH
10/1 – Lost Lands Music Festival – Thornville, OH
10/5 – Vulcan Gas Company – Austin, TX
10/6 – Stereo Live – Houston, TX
10/7 – Stereo Live – Dallas, TX
10/27 – 10/28 – Escape – San Bernardino, CA
11/10- 11/11 – EDC Orlando – Orlando, FL

online: Website |
| Twitter |
| Instagram |

Yellow Claw discusses Los Amsterdam, new remixes and more

Yellow Claw this past weekend performed at the sold out Bill
Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco with nearly 9,000
people strong as part of their Los Amsterdam USA tour. The show
itself was definitely one for the books. There’s just something
incredibly awe-inspiring to witness such talented producers
just kill it live on stage with a massive LED backdrop (not to
forget the multiple moshpits that occurred). It’s evident that
‘s tasteful musical prowess that lives somewhere
between Amsterdam and Los Angeles has made astounding records
such as “City On Lockdown” featuring Juicy J & Lil Debbie.
We got a chance to meet them before their show where they
discuss their music background, production and more.

How did you get into music in the beginning?

Nizzle: Honestly, Jim and I were both interning at a
supermarket – so not really real jobs at a supermarket we were
just interning. It was bitter. Now we’re making a lot of music.
We’re able to express our creativity as well. Then we started
DJing. This was about 10 years ago. Feels like a long time.
Physically, I am 40.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Jim: I’d say Kayne West.

Nizzle: Artists just being super innovative. That pop
album he dropped with Jimi Hendrix was future. Stuff like that.

Describe to us your sound.

Jim: It’s very loud. Very unapologetic. Your kids will
probably like it if you have never heard it before.

What is the story behind your name?

Jim: It was pure luck.

Nizzle: Kind of similar to that Nike logo thing.

How did you all meet each other?

Nizzle: We met at the supermarket.

Talk to us about “Do You Like Bass” with Juyen Sebulba.

Jim: We had a studio for a few weeks and Juyen came over
with a demo. We worked on that and it became better and better.
We thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but everyone reacted
pretty well with it. Then we decided to put it out.

Your album “Los Amsterdam” has been doing really well. What
inspired you to produce this?

Jim: We produced this in exactly one year.

Nizzle: People like Future can produce an album in two
weeks. We had a bunch of goals for ourselves after our first
album “Blood For Mercy”. We wanted to do things smarter and
better. Not even on the musical side, we progressed a lot –
even on the creativity – incorporating shows, merchandise,
artwork and everything you know. It was a full year of work and
that was all across the board.

You have a remix package on it as well called Pt. 1. Can we
expect a Pt. 2?

Jim: Definitely, as soon as the artists finish their
remixes we can drop it.

Do you have any upcoming releases you can share with us

Jim: We just dropped a record this week with KREWELLA. We have
another record dropping in two weeks.

Bonus – What is one thing you are currently obsessed

Nizzle: I think both of us have pretty fierce Asian food
sensations. Thai and Indonesian food.

Jim: I think Nils obsessed with money.

Photo Credit: Yoder

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Tourist’s memorable performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF

The UK producer TOURIST just performed
this past week at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco
opening up for BONOBO as well as
their tour. When he dropped his newest track called “We Stayed
Up All Night” the crowd was completely encapsulated by his
signature chill and melodic vibes. The production also
complimented the peaceful imagery that his set promoted. Be
sure to catch Tourist as he continues to tour here.

“With this new music I wanted to make something that
was more reflective of who I am now and how my life has changed
over the past year. I moved out of my windowless studio and
started writing from home again. I think subconsciously I’ve
started writing more joyous, colorful music and I’ve loved
being more collaborative once again. These tracks are my
favorite music I’ve produced so far, Tourist will always change
with each release and I’ve loved pushing the sound into a new

Tour Dates:
Wed 9/27 – Los Angeles, CA The Greek Theatre
Thu 11.22 – London, UK @ Corsica Studios
Fri 11.23- London, UK @ Corsica Studios
Sat 12.30- NSW, Australia @ Lost Paradise
Sun 12.31 – Perth, Australia @ Origin NYE

Follow Tourist online:
| Twitter | SoundCloud | Spotify
| iTunes
| YouTube
| Instagram

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TOKiMONSTA closes successful night at Mezzanine in San Francisco

Jennifer Lee aka TOKIMONSTA, recently
kicked off her tour called “Lune Rogue Experience”. Last night
she hit Mezzanine in San Francisco. The Los Angeles-based music
producer and DJ also just recovered from back-to-back severe
brain disease called Moyamoya a couple years ago. It is truly
awe-inspiring to see her back on the road performing live and
producing music again — and this time with a brand new
forthcoming album titled “Lune Rogue” that is set to release on
October 6, 2017 on Young Art Records.

TOKiMONSTA’s performance was top notch as she showcased new and
classic records like “NO WAY” featuring Isaiah Rashad, Joey
Purp and Ambré and “Don’t Call Me” featuring Yuna. One of our
most memorable moments was when she paused to share with the
sold out crowd that she is extremely grateful to be alive and
back as an artist almost seemingly lost her creative abilities
from the surgery. Not only is her music and talent are
impressive, but her desire to pull through such a tragic
scenario definitely made waves last night as people cheered her
on and even throw roses, cards and other random gifts on stage.
When she dropped “We Love” featuring vocals from MNDR, the
entire venue almost seemed to journey in a moonlight safari as
she took the decks with a massive LED folding fan as her
backdrop. Be sure to catch TOKiMONSTA as she makes her way
across North America and beyond rest of this year.

Tour Dates:
9/22 – The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA
9/24 – Life Is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, NV
9/28 – El Rey Theatre – Albuquerque, NM
9/29 – Thrival Festival – Pittsburgh, PA
9/30 – Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
10/4 – Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO
10/5 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
10/6 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
10/7 – El Club – Detroit, MI
10/10 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA
10/12 – BEMF @ House of Yes – Brooklyn, NY
10/13 – The Foundry @ The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA
10/14 – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
10/27 – Voodoo Music + Arts Experience – New Orleans, LA
10/29 – Suwannee Hulaween – Live Oak, FL
11/26 – Sonar Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires
12/2 – Sonar Bogota – Bogota

Tickets for the Lune Rouge Experience tour are available

Follow TOKiMONSTA online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube |


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Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream comes to Oakland in California

Lee Burridge’s event series All Day I Dream continues to
Oakland in California on Saturday, September 30 at Middle
Harbor Shoreline Park. This is one party you simply cannot miss
as the techno tastemaker closes out the US leg of the world
tour end of this month.

For those still decompressing from Burning Man this year, this
will be the perfect idea to relax and unwind with your fellow
Playa veterans in their unique outfits, picnic blankets and of
course state-of-the-art installations and art cars alike.

“Music is one of the greatest escapes for me. It connects
those who are open minded to life and the lives of others. It’s
a language we can all understand and meet within to share
experiences. The ability to take All Day I Dream out across the
world again this Summer is a privilege and I’m really looking
forward to sharing a thousand beautiful moments with friends,
friends to be and total strangers. This is set to be an amazing
year for us all. I’m looking forward to playing plenty of the
parties with Lost Desert who I’ve been working with during
Winter time.” ― LEE BURRIDGE

Tour Dates:
Sept 30 – Oakland, US – Middle Harbour Shoreline Park
Oct 21 – Amsterdam, NL – ADE
Nov 15 – Rio de Janeiro, BR – RARA
Nov 18 – Praia Brava, BR – Warung Beach Club
Dec 9 – Miami, US – Art Basel

Be sure to grab tickets for the tour here.

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Facebook |
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SoundCloud |

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