Deadmau5 previews orchestral adaptations of his classic tunes

Electronic music adapted into classical renditions has been a huge trend
as of late. Legends like Sasha, Pete Tong and Carl Craig have
all recently performed their underground hits with full
orchestras in the past year.

Now, Deadmau5 has revealed classical versions of his biggest
tracks are in the works via a recent Twitch stream.

Although it has not been specified exactly what the pieces will
be used for, many fans are speculating the mau5 is working on a
film score or new classical live show.

What is certain is that Zimmerman is sitting on a huge
catalogue of these adaptations. During his Twitch stream, he
previewed classical versions of ‘Acedia’, ‘Avaritia’, ‘Jaded’,
‘Fn Pig’, ‘Superbia’, ‘Gula’ and of course, ‘Strobe’.

The lack of details has caused a frenzy among Deadmau5’s
fanbase, but throughout every thread and comment one resounding
constant prevails that each arrangement sounds beautifully and
masterfully done.

Listen to the clips Deadmau5 previewed below.

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Moby accused of conspiring with the CIA

Following a recent radio interview with the Louisville,
Kentucky radio station WFPK, questions regarding Moby‘s ties to the CIA have come into

Following the 2017 US election, the electronic music pioneer
took to Instagram claiming that he had obtained some damming
top secret information from “friends who
work in DC” regarding Trump’s ties to Russia. In the post, Moby
affirms that the shocking (yet still unverified) Russia dossier
regarding Trump’s ties to Russia is true to its core. In
addition, the post brings to light the internal horror many
government agencies have been experiencing due to the commander
and chiefs total incompetence.

During the recent radio interview with WFPK, Moby admitted that
the information he obtained about President Trump back in
February was given to him by “active and former CIA members”
over dinner. While on air, Moby claims he was encouraged by
these individuals to pass on what he had learned via his
Instagram since he had “more of a social
media following”.

Moby claims that the reason his friends asked him to do this
was because they had become increasingly concerned about the
surmounting intelligence regarding Trump’s ties to Russia.
Later in the interview, the artist goes on to accuse the Trump
family of being tied to organized crime and Russian oligarchs –
asserting that as the president’s disturbing story unfolds,
things will begin to get “quite a lot darker”. Listen to the
full interview below.

Hollywood actor interrupts Madam X set to tell her it’s not hip-hop enough

Holy Ship, the annual electronic party at sea, hosts a slew of
artists from across genres for each sailing. For its 11th
sailing, talents like The Black Madonna, Denis Sulta and Madam
X were invited on board and brought into the ship’s

During Madam X’s anticipated set on the journey’s final day on
Friday, January 12, the UK star was placed between artists 4B
and GLADPVCK on a “hip hop” party lineup. Despite the titled
billing, Madam X took the stage to play her sounds of grime,
drum ‘n’ bass, techno and an assortment of welcomed UK flavor
to a packed room.

Sometime during the set, an uninvited guest by the name of
James Earl grabbed the mic and turned down the fader to
proclaim: “What is this shit? What’s happened to my hip hop
room? Where’s my trap at?” He was quickly booed off the stage
for his unwelcomed opinion and Madam X continued on, addressing
the incident later on Twitter and Instagram.

“To the ass-wipe who felt the need to come on my set, grab the
mic and slew my music for not being “hip hop enough” – you can
jog on,” she wrote. “I am not responsible for incongruent
programming. Although I was placed on the “hip hop” stage, I
will always do me and play my shit. Never in all my years of
DJing have I experienced such distasteful, tacky behaviour.
Only want positive vibes when I play.”

A quick check on the official Holy Ship lineup confirms that
James Earl was not an artist or a DJ playing on the ship or in
the room hosting the “hip hop” party. Earl is listed on online
film database IMDB as an actor with appearances on shows like
musical sitcom series Glee, Scream Queens and
a small stint in a 2009 flick about male cheerleaders called
Fired Up!

Australia’s Rainbow Serpent festival bans laughing gas

Australia’s Rainbow Serpent festival has banned the use of
laughing gas (nos, nangs, balloons) ahead of its 2018 event.

Posting to Facebook, organisers of the environmentally
sustainable festival wrote: “We have tried since 2012 to
encourage patrons away from using nos by banning it from the
festival area.

“It is just not cool to stumble on empty bulbs left on the
ground. In addition to being a safety hazard, nos also
increases the amount of rubbish we accumulate for landfill.
These bulbs are not recyclable due to danger of explosion and
the empty boxes, balloons and cartridges are left

“The fact is patrons have ignored our pleas so we are
unfortunately enforcing a complete nos ban in 2018 and we will
confiscate any bulbs or paraphernalia found without exception.
We ask that you please consider the environmental impact and
support us in 2018.”

Organisers have also asked festival-goers to “lay off the
glitter” due to the impact of microplastics on the environment.
A spokesperson pointed out there were environmentally friendly
glitter options available.

The festival kicks off January 26, running through till January
29 at Lexton, Victoria, a few hours’ drive from Melbourne.
Robert Babicz, The Librarian, Gabriel Ananda, Michael Mayer,
Miss Melera and Tara Brooks are among the artists playing this
year. Read
our review from last year

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Made in Paris unveils powerful, ‘Erratic’ techno on new EP

Sydney techno player Made in Paris has unveiled a new
three-track EP out on her Upon Access imprint next month.

Heady title track ‘Erratic’ sets the tone for the pulsating
release, building powerfully beneath sweeping synths and a
tripped-out vocal and already garnering support from Richie
Hawtin, Marco Carola and Chris Fortier.

B-side ‘Dispatch’ is equally solid, with a remix from fellow
Australians The Journey.

The release follows The Lab
artist’s ‘You’re Wrong’ EP, on Upon Access, and last
year’s ‘Mass Movement’ on Berlin’s Salomo Records.

‘Erratic’ is out February 2. Stream the title track, and check
out Made in Paris’ upcoming tour dates, below.

LO’99 takes on Fatboy Slim’s ‘Star 69’ for new remix collection

Some of Fatboy Slim’s biggest tracks have been remixed by
Australian artists for a new release, out this Friday (January
19) through Skint/BMG.

Sydney’s LO’99 has reworked ‘Star 69’ for ‘Fatboy Slim vs
Australia’, taking its frenetic energy down a few BPM and
running the classic vocal on top of a growling, peak-time-ready
bassline, with artwork via Mambo’s Reg Mombassa.

The Kite String Tangle, Set Mo, The Aston Shuffle, Carmada and
Sam La More have also remixed tracks for the release, which
coincides with the dance legend’s tour of the country with
Electric Gardens festival.

Stream LO’99’s take on ‘Star 69’ below. Pre-order the release

FUCKTHECALM announces lineup for third Berlin party

FUCKTHECALM has lined-up an eclectic mix of artists set to play
out at the collective’s forthcoming public showcase later this

Over the course of nine hours, clubbers will be treated to a
head-spinning array of house and techno offerings, curated by
the FTC collective. From Angles, Deepraker and Ele Luz through
to the likes of La Pietra and Leonard Flores, the party, which
takes on January 20 at Beate Uwe, Berlin, will reveal and
highlight some of the capital’s best underground artists.

To RSVP head over to the event page on Facebook,
and check out the RA listing here.

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Tectonic Recordings celebrates 100 releases with new Riko Dan EP

Pinch’s esteemed Tectonic label is celebrating its
100th release with a new project from Riko Dan,
titled ‘Hard Food’, featuring Mumdance, Walton, Pinch and more.

Explaining the six-tracker via a press release, label-boss
Pinch stated, “It’s great to be reaching the 100th release on
the label, 13 years on from when it all started. For this
release we’re focusing on Riko Dan – one of my all-time
favorite MCs – who controls 6 deadly rhythms here in fine

The ‘Hard Food’ EP is out March 2 on Tectonic. Pre-order your
copy here,
and take a look at the tracklist below.

Mind Against and Vaal bring a techno-filled night to NYC for Teksupport’s OTB series

This Saturday Mind Against makes their return to New York City
with a special extended set at Brooklyn’s 1896 Studios.

The event is a part of Teksupport’s acclaimed OTB (Outside The
Box) series, in which the promoter brings the world’s biggest
underground acts to perform speciality sets in pop-up DIY

The headlining duo will be joined by Vaal, a driving techno
newcomer best known for her razor-sharp, elegant and dark
productions with Tale Of Us and the Afterlife label.

On opening duties is NYC local and Bespoke Musik resident
Christian Volstad.

See full details for the December 13 event here

Read Mixmag’s end of year feature on Teksupport’s New
York underground domination here

NERO’s Joseph Ray responds to Trump’s remarks on Haiti

During a meeting at the Oval Office on Thursday, President
Trump singled out a number of countries which he referred to as
“shitholes” when discussing a bipartisan immigration deal. The
countries to which Trump was referring included El Salvador,
parts of Africa and in particular Haiti – a country the
president singled out after saying: “Why do we need more
Haitians? Take them out”.

Following these inflammatory remarks, Grammy award-winning
producer and Oxford University graduate Jospeh Ray from NERO has exclusively shared
with Mixmag a number of his personal experiences from
his time living Haiti, discussing his close connection to the
country’s culture, its people and the music they make.

Ray was first exposed to Haitian culture when visiting a friend
years ago, discovering a music engineering school called the
in Jacmel, a town located on the south coast of
the country.

“I immediately fell in love with the place,” says Ray when
reminiscing on his first experience of the country.

“I ended up spending nearly six months there. After going back
to the school to do a bit of production teaching, I met a band
called Lakou Mizik…The richness of Haitian music
is incredible… from the Voodoo chants of West Africa, to
French-laced twoubadou, to carnival Rara music.”

Captivated, Joseph Ray and Lakou Mizik began working on a
collaborative project with the purpose of reimagining centuries
old songs from Haiti. This month, Ray will be returning to
Haiti to continue working on the musical and visual components
of his endeavor with the band and plans to reveal the project
sometime this year.

Ray continues: “Spending time in Haiti and digging into the
music has truly opened my mind. The poverty in Haiti is
obviously widespread and profound, and probably what most
people think of when they hear the country’s name, but by only
focusing only on that, you end up leaving out most of the
picture. I’ve traveled the world with Nero, but the place I’ve
gone back to most is Haiti. Beautiful, alive, complicated,
mystical,’s all of that. One thing it isn’t, is a

Marshmello Drops Lil Peep Posthumous Collab ‘Spotlight’: Listen

Marshmello‘s collaboration
with late-MC Lil Peep has
arrived. It’s the first posthumous release from the emergent
rapper since he died from an apparent drug overdose. The
producer and the emerging rapper began to work on the track a
few weeks before the 21-year-old died. An autopsy report showed
Lil Peep exposed himself to a fatal dose of Fentanyl,
an opiate that is very deadly when taken in part with
heroin or other controlled substances.

The song is called “Spotlight,” and the dance music producer
says he wasn’t sure whether he’d ever release the track, but
Peep’s mother specifically asked that her son’s music be shared
with the world. 

“Peep brought an excitement to music that was unparalleled to
anybody I’ve ever met. We started an idea together, that
unfortunately we were never able to officially finish together.
When I listen to this track now I get chills wishing he could
hear it. This record is dedicated to Peep’s mother, family,
friends and his fans. Gus will live forever through his music
and that is something we should all be extremely thankful for.”

Listen to the collaboration below:

​Dangerously strong ecstasy reported ahead of festival season

A recent report by KnowYourStuffNZ, a harm reduction service
out of New Zealand, states that dangerously strong ecstasy is
currently in circulation ahead of the country’s festival

KnowYourStuffNZ founder Wendy Allison wrote an article on
The Spinoff outlining that only 20 per
cent of ecstasy actually contained MDMA in the past , but that
figure has increased significantly this year. Now 75 per cent
contains MDMA with many pills possibly containing multiple

“Our technology (reagent testing and FT-IR spectroscopy) cannot
measure dosage,” writes Allison, “but if content analysis shows
mostly MDMA in a heavy pill, we can make an educated guess that
a larger than usual dose of MDMA may be present. This season
we’ve seen several pills weighing up to 580mg in which the main
ingredient is MDMA, suggesting potentially two to three times
the average dose.”

Allison has also outlined specific pills to avoid, including
“green guccis”, “yellow rolexes” and “pink porsches”.
Specifically with regards to “pink porsches”, those who have
ingested it have reported unpleasant experiences and testing
these suggests they may contain “dangerous pharmaceutical
agents” as well as a high dose of MDMA.

Find out more about KnowYourStuffNZ here

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Fred P and Rampa to play Air Festival on Indonesia’s Gili Air island

Air Festival returns to the paradise of Indonesia’s Gili Air
island this year with Fred P, Rampa and Talismann under his
Makam alias.

Between Bali and Lombok, the remote tropical setting will
provide a pretty damn nice backdrop for three days of house and
techno, as well as art and performances that embrace the local
environment, from March 30-April 1.

Organisers are committed to leaving the site better than they
found it, supporting the local community with waste removal and
reduction, school renovations, and going plastic free in 2018,
its fourth year.

Tickets are available here. Check out the line-up below.

Makam, Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, Ata, Art Alfie, Mimi Love,
Bas Ibellini, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther
Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt,
Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez, Kai,

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​Anjunabeats reveals its next breakthrough artist via Beatport’s Beats In School

Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats label has revealed the winner
of it’s Beats In School contest with Beatport to be 28-year-old
producer Joel Freck from Nova Scotia, Canada.

With releases on rising labels such as Alter Ego Records,
Export Elite and Freegrant Music, Joel has been building up
momentum in the industry. That said, now he has an opportunity
to further progress his career through a year-long mentorship
program with Anjunabeats. He expressed what he hopes to

“I believe Anjuna’s production value to be second to none, so
anything I learn throughout this experience will be valuable to
me as an artist. Ideally in five years I would like to be doing
this full-time, hopefully as a member of the Anjuna family.”

Gareth Jones, Senior A&R at Anjunabeats, touched on what
made Joel stand out from the other producers that entered
Beatport’s Beats In School contest:

“We were really impressed with the quality of submissions for
the Beats In School competition, with the shortlist full of
familiar faces from Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy radio.
Joel, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer, yet his demos
show a maturity and creative approach beyond his handful of
releases. His tracks captured the uplifting Anjunabeats
festival sound and we look forward to channeling that energy
into some new productions over the next 12 months.”

Along with the Anjunabeats mentorship, Joel will be given
hands-on support from Beatport and its partners, training from
Point Blank Music School, and coordinated press and social
media support. He’s also earned a collection of gear from
Serato, Roland, Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Adam Audio,
Urbanears, iZotope, Landr and Roland Cloud.

The next Beats In School contest will be hosted by Hospital
Records, the iconic UK drum & bass label led by London
Elektricity. A full announcement is coming soon. Find out more

Craig David, ​Paul McCartney back campaign to prevent music venue closures

A plethora of respected musicians and artists are speaking out
in support of a new bill that aims to prevent music venue
closures in the UK.

Senior Labour MP John Spellar has introduced a Planning Bill,
also known as the Agent if Change, that would amend planning
laws to force developers to weigh the impact new building
proposals have on pre-existing businesses like music venues.
This could also force the developers of new residencies to be
responsible for soundproofing in order to avoid neighbors
complaining about loud music.

Sir Paul McCartney voiced his support for the campaign by
stating how important intimate venues are to music culture:
“Without the grassroots clubs, pubs and music venues my career
could have been very different. If we don’t support music at
this level, then the future of music in general is in danger.”

Craig David also expressed support for Mr. Spellar’s bill by
stating how important this issue is: “As an artist I’m
concerned that music venues are facing unprecedented threats
and it is a matter of great concern to us all. I give my strong
support for proposals to change planning law so that we can
keep music live.”

So far Mr. Spellar’s bill is backed by at least 75 MPs and

[Via: Sky News]

Marshmello Reveals Lil Peep Collaboration Title and Artwork

The song will mark the late rapper’s first posthumous release.

It’s been about seven weeks since emerging rapper Lil Peep passed away of apparent drug
overdose, and this Friday, fans will hear the late MC’s first
original posthumous record, a collaboration with Marshmello.

Titled “Spotlight,” the dance-pop producer shared the
stark, red and black artwork for the single. A shirtless,
ghostly-image of Lil Peep stands shaking his head into a
blur. Marshmello has been quite vocal about his support
for the rapper in the wake of his passing. He told fans on
Twitter that he never intended to release the track, until Lil
Peep’s mother requested as much of her son’s music be released
as possible. 

Look out for “Spotlight” to be released Friday, Jan. 12, and
check the official artwork out below.

Local DJ slips Prince Harry his card in hopes of booking the royal wedding

Earlier today Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle went to
London’s Reprezent Radio to get a behind-the-scenes look at the
London broadcaster.

One local DJ and presenter for Reprezent Radio, Jevanni
Letford, saw the couple’s visit as the perfect opportunity to
put his name on their radar.

Upon departing POP Brixton, Letford cheekily slipped Harry his
business card and exclaimed: “DJ at your wedding!”, arising
laughter from the Prince and surrounding crowd.

Interested to see how this plays out.

Watch the clip below.

Albrecht La’Brooy announce ambient release on Apollo Records

Melbourne duo Albrecht La’Brooy has announced a “mini album” to
be released on Apollo Records, R&S Records’ ambient

The six track ‘Tidal River’ is inspired by the scenic, remote
Wilsons Promontory national park on the south east coast of
Australia, with each track the result of long, improvised jam
processes from the Analogue Attic label heads.

The tracklist guides listeners from morning through night and
features a quartet of jazz musicians including labelmate
Matthew Hayes on bass guitar, guitarist Oliver Paterson, cajón
from Joseph Batrouney and saxophone by Josh Kelly, as well as
field recordings.

‘Tidal River’ is out February 2. Take a listen to clips from
the release below.

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Billboard Dance’s Ones to Watch: January 2018

Welcome to Ones to Watch, a monthly series where the
Billboard Dance team gives chart leaders
a break and directs your attention to up-and-coming artists we
feel deserve a shining light. There are tons of hard-working
artists across genres pushing the boundaries of sound and
style, bubbling just under the surface in the clubs and online.

Ones to Watch is our chance to show these producers on
the grind the respect they deserve. Some of these faces are
new. Some of them are names you may have heard before. All of
them are ready for the next level, and if you don’t know, now
you know.

Charlotte de Witte

Hailing from Belgium, this 25-year-old has seen her star soar
in the techno scene due to a strong series of releases
on tastemaking imprints like Tiga‘s Turbo Recordings and
prime bookings at the likes of Tomorrowland and Berlin’s
Watergate club.  Keep an eye out for de Witte’s
forthcoming Brussels EP on NovaMute, and don’t
miss her when she touches down Stateside in San Diego to play
CRSSD Festival this March. — Matt Medved


When coming from the same camp as
San Holo, one may think it’d be difficult to compete for
the spotlight. That hasn’t the case for Netherlands
duo Droeloe, who have been quietly crushing over the past
year with a steady flow of eclectic originals and an official
remix of Charlie
Puth‘s “We Don’t
Talk Anymore” featuring Selena Gomez, which has accrued
more than 15 million streams on Spotify. Their mature
electronic style is dynamic, compelling and drenched in
other-worldly emotions. Droeloe are currently on tour with
San Holo and Just a Gent all across North America.
— David Rishty


This Italian-born, Florida-bred producer and DJ has been a
promising talent since he hooked fans with 2014’s “Slow Burn,”
but 2018 is his year to break out. Four years ago, he
moved to L.A. without ever having seen the West Coast. He found
his vision in that city’s dark and dirty night and made a
valuable friendship with Amtrac, with whom he
collaborates musically and ideologically. His recently released
EP Unraveled is the result of much soul
searching and self sacrifice. It’s four tracks of sensual
house grooves that’ll set your mind and body on fire.
Lead single “Pray” features Amtrac, who
released Unraveled on his boutique label
Openers, but we’re in love with the EP’s second track
“Split Wick.” — Kat Bein​

Roman Flügel

Roman Flügel finished 2017 in memorable fashion,
releasing his critically acclaimed 95th installment in fabric’s
legendary mix series in November and ringing in the new year at
London’s Tobacco Dock alongside Maceo Plex, who
invited the German veteran to play at Pacha Ibiza with him
earlier this year. With new music in the pipeline targeted for
spring release, Flügel should be on every techno
fan’s radar going forward — Matt Medved

Two Feet

Bill Dess may seem like your average, everyday New Yorker,
but he’s hooked millions of listeners with his whispery,
devilish vocals, startling guitar basslnes and
in-your-face titles like “Go Fuck Yourself.” Meet Two Feet, the
multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter that has tallied
over 100 million streams on Spotify with
releases that bridge dark pop and electronic music. Victoria’s
Secret recently used his record “Quick Musical Doodles” as the
backdrop for their Sexy Illusions commercial. Even with all the
initial success that has come so far for the Two Feet project,
something tells us we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for
the 24-year-old heartthrob. — David Rishty

Technics’ “most premium turntable ever” will run you $10,000

Announced at the currently ongoing CES conference in Las Vegas,
Panasonic has shared its plans for two exciting Technics
releases in 2018.

Back in August, Technics previewed the prototype of its stunning
SP-10, a turntable for audiophiles that received the crowning
glory title as the company’s “most premium turntable ever”.
Today, the official model has been officially announced with
specs that include a coreless direct-drive motor with enough
power to rotate the platter, which is weighed down by a
10mm-thick brass weight, with low-speed irregularities. It also
comes with a rubber layer attached on the rear platter surface
to quell further unwanted vibrations. The SP-10R plays at 33
1/2, 45 and 78rpm, and the rotation can be viewed on its OLED

In addition, the model will be interchangeable with previous
SP-10 models thanks to its specially designed capability for
backward compatibility. Owners of the MK2 or MK3 turntable can
use their current base and tonearm and upgrade to the SP-10R.

However, as expected, the gorgeous new model will run turntable
fiends a high price tag of $10,000.

In addition to the SP-10R, Technics announced the launch of
their SL-1000R model as well, which has doubled in price thanks
to the addition of the base and tonearm for the complete
turntable system.

Circoloco hits Australia with Nicole Moudaber and Art Department this month

Circoloco is bringing the heat to Australia this month,
starting with a public holiday-eve party at Melbourne’s The
Bottom End.

Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber (pictured), Apollonia, Art Department,
Henry Saiz and Clive Henry will be joined by a stack of locals
including Steve Ward, Bec Grenfell, Le Bruh and B-Tham &
Kazuki at the January 25 party.

The Ibiza brand will then hit Perth the following night with a
similar line-up, minus Henry Saiz and Apollonia but with the
addition of Petar Dundov, as well as hosting an arena at
Sydney’s Electric Gardens festival on January 27.

Tickets for the events are available here.

Scott Carbines is Mixmag’s Australian Digital Content
Editor, follow him on Twitter

Listen to Carl Cox’s Radio 1 Essential Mix

Carl Cox’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is here and it is

Delivering the very first mix of 2018, Cox offered up a
stylish, signature blend of selections, with tracks from the
likes of Anja Schneider, Nicole Moudaber and Nathan Barato.

Plucking new music from Dense & Pika and Eats Everything,
as well as tunes from the likes of Redlight and Riva Starr, Cox
delivered an intense deep dive into delectable dance music.

Show host Pete Tong opened the show with a celebratory message
to the Essential Mix, which turns 25 this year, calling Cox
“one of the most legendary DJs in dance history.”

Tune in over on BBC Radio 1’s

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her

Pinch, Foreign Concept, Sam Binga amongst artists featured on new charity album

A new charity album featuring the likes of Pinch, Foreign
Concept, Sam Binga, Phaeleh and Ishan Sound has been complied
by Bristol radio station SWU.FM.

Teaming up with both The Blast and digital platform I Give You
Give to release the 16-tracker, titled ‘The Bridge’, the
station has tapped a slew of big names for the fundraising
project, with artists such as Sepia and L U C Y joining the
producers previously mentioned.

According to the press release, the compilation is “bridging
the gap between Bristol’s underground music scene and three
exceptional causes”, adding that the carefully curation is set
to “represent and celebrate the diverse elements of Bristol’s
thriving music scene.”

100% of the album proceeds will be distrubted between three
charities, including Help
Bristol’s Homeless
, Mental
Health Foundation
, as well as Médicins Sans Frontières (Doctor’s Without

To grab a copy of the compilation head over to the I Give You Give website, and check out
snippets from ‘The Bridge’ below.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow
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Hot Since 82 adds La Fleur, Erick Morillo to Labyrinth’s London lineup

Hot Since 82 is gearing up for his huge Tobacco Docks takeover
later this year, and has unveiled another slew of artists set
to play out at the London debut of his Labyrinth party night.

From La Fleur (pictured) and Archie Hamilton through to Erick
Morillo and Matthias Tanzmann, the freshly-announced acts are
set to bring a whole host of dynamic house and techno sounds to
the Labyrinth this March.

They’ll be joined by previously announced artists such as Eats
Everything, Lauren Lo Sung, Dubfire, Butch and of course, Hot
Since 82 himself.

For further information and ticket details take a look
, and check out the flyer below.

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Dublin welcomes new vinyl pressing plant

A brand-new record pressing plant has opened its door in

Aptly named Dublin Vinyl, the state-of-the-art Irish plant is
housed in a 9,000 square foot former steelworks site, and comes
complete with accompanying music venue.

According to Dublin Vinyl’s website, “Each member of our team
has over 15 years experience in the Music Industry, in areas
including Management, Production, Labels, Artist
Relations, Music Retail, and Distribution”.

Take a look here for more
information, and read about vinyl’s record-breaking year


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Drug experts are saying cocaine could be delivered faster than pizza

The Global Drug Survey wants to find out whether cocaine can be
delivered faster than a takeaway.

With a rise in drug orders through the dark web, it’s being
questioned whether sellers should launch premium delivery
services to meet demand.

As a result, GDS wants to find out about drug and food delivery
times across the world. In doing so, it’ll be comparing cocaine
and pizza.

Dr Adam Winstock
: “With the darknet facilitating the delivery of drugs
direct to people’s letter boxes and encrypted social media
platforms allowing people to order in secret, it’s not
surprising that there’d be an impact on the speed of delivery.

“Despite additional charges for swift drug delivery, the
attraction of convenience and discretion means it makes sense
for dealers to invest in premium delivery services.

“With all this in mind, we decided to look at efficiency and
speed of drug delivery across the world. And to make a symbolic
comparison, we’re using pizzas as a benchmark and, cocaine as
the test.”

Now let’s sit tight and wait for the results.

Sign up to the Global Drug Survey 2018 here.

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Coachella hits a record high of female headliners in 2018

Earlier this week, Coachella kicked off the new year with the
release of its ever anticipated lineup for 2018. It revealed headliners
Eminem, The Weeknd and Beyoncé (already previously announced
after dropping out in 2017 due to her pregnancy),
along with Jamiroquai, David Byrne, ODESZA, Jean-Michel Jarre,
Chromeo, Chic (with Nile Rodgers) and many more.

Despite already being previously announced after dropping out
of her headlining slot in 2017 due to her pregnancy, the
official Beyoncé at Coachella announcement still was a buzzing
topic for many upon the lineup drop. Though Lady Gaga ended up
replacing her in 2017 and taking the title as the first female
headliner to perform at the festival since Björk in 2007,
Beyoncé’s upcoming show will make her the very first woman of
color to ever headline the major festival.

The conversation about women and their role in music and
entertainment remained at the top of everyone’s minds
throughout the past year (especially in dance music), and Coachella’s
lineup seems to reflect the slow, but progressive changing
tide. As Pass the Aux points out, of its 165
artists announced, 55 acts include women, meaning that the
lineup includes a promising 33 per cent of female
representatives. It’s the highest inclusion of women in the
festival’s history, and is a dramatic leap from last year’s 25
per cent.

Additionally, women are finding more prominent placements on
the lineup with 21 of the 67 acts in the top three lines of
each day’s lineup.

Finally, for DJs, Alison Wonderland and REZZ have nabbed the
shared title of the highest billed position for a female DJ to
have ever claimed (both are found on the fourth line on
Friday). Alison Wonderland – along with Anna Lunoe – were also
the first solo female artists to ever play EDC Las
Vegas’ coveted main stage
in 2016.

Revisit the Coachella 2018 lineup here.

Jeremy Olander: “If I make a track that sounds like something else, I scrap it”

This week’s On Rotation episode features an interview with
Swedish DJ and producer Jeremy Olander who is fresh off
standout releases on esteemed labels like Anjunadeep, Vivrant,
Bedrock and more.

As this is the first episode of 2018, co-hosts Valerie and
Harrison also discuss a variety of hot topics including what to
look forward to this year with regards to trends, rising talent
and labels as well as how to combat sexism in dance music.

Also featured are this week’s top track premieres from the
likes of Will Clarke, Super Flu, Seb Wildblood and Parviz.
Listen and subscribe to the full episode below.

Mixmag’s On Rotation podcast is brought to you in
partnership with Serato: The power of music.

6 Dance Music Hot Takes on Coachella’s 2018 Lineup

Coachella’s 2018 lineup has been revealed and flexes a
star-studded lineup with The
, Beyoncé and
Eminem as its headliners.
While the top-billers land outside of the world of dance
and electronic music, there is still a healthy amount of the
genre seen on the festival flyer.

From established acts like Kygo and Odesza to rising stars
like Illenium and Rezz, there’s plenty of
dancefloor music to go around. Here are Billboard Dance‘s six hot takes on the
2018 lineup:

Vegas Titans MIA From Lineup

Coachella’s 2018 lineup does include its fair share of dance
and electronic music, while leaning toward the live band side,
but excludes the pinnacle acts ruling the Vegas nightclub
scene. Wynn Nightlife and Hakkasan Group residents such as
The Chainsmokers,
Zedd, Marshmello, Tiesto and more are
nowhere to be seen. 

Kygo Receives Major Upgrade From 2015

Norwegian superstar Kygo made his Coachella debut in
2015, earning himself a respectable billing on the
third line for Sunday’s lineup. He now returns in 2018 and
is the third name mentioned on the flyer, following The Weeknd and SZA for Friday’s festivities.
Kygo dropped an album and EP in 2017, collaborating with
everyone from Selena
and U2 to OneRepublic.

ODESZA Lands Prime Real Estate on Bill

The Seattle duo had a superb 2017, embarking on their ambitious
arena tour and selling out several major stops, in addition to
earning two Grammy noms for their A Moment Apart
album. Their red-hot momentum continues into 2018 with prime
placement on Coachella’s lineup, second to Eminem — the Sunday headliner. They
receive the nod over Portugal. The Man, Migos, Cardi B and more.

Rezz, Alan Walker, Illenium & More Debut

Coachella extends a lot of first-time invitations to dance
acts, including REZZ, Billboard Dance‘s pick for
breakout artist of 2017. They’re also welcoming Illenium and Petit Biscuit, two artists we
included on our best albums list for the year. Other favorite
first-timers include Alan
and TroyBoi.

Alison Wonderland, Claude VonStroke’s Alias &
More Return

Alison Wonderland,
Louis The Child,
San Holo and more will return to the Indio Valley in
full force. Claude VonStroke returns with another Barclay Crenshaw set,
alongside Dirtybird brother Justin Martin. The lineup
rounds out with plenty of variety from Deorro, Cash Cash, Snakehips and more.

Underground Sound

While there is lack of big-room Vegas names, there’s no
shortage of heavy house and techno talent. Chicago hero The
Black Madonna will make a groovy Coachella debut, as well as
Italian tech-house master Joseph Capriati. Fans can also look
forward to a legendary look at techno super-trio Detroit Love,
aka Carl Craig, Kyle Hall and Moodyman.
Returning to the feild come Hot Creations headmaster Jamie
Jones, South African breakthrough artist Black Coffee, and
underground crowd favorite Maceo Plex.

Vinyl record sales reach another all-time high for 2017

Neilson Music’s end-of-year wrap report has released that vinyl
sales have hit another all-time high for 2017.

This year, record sales made up 14 per cent of the album market
with 14.32 million sold, a nine per cent increase from 2016.

The data marks the 12th year of consistent sales growth in wax,
solidifying the undeniable rise of vinyl culture.

Top selling records from this year include classics from The
Beatles, Bob Marly and The Wailers, Prince, Pink Floyd, as well
as newer LPs from Ed Sheeran and the film soundtrack from
Guardians Of The Galaxy.

It’s no secret Mixmag loves vinyl, check out these
11 Ultra-Slick Turntables To Glorify Your Home
and The 10 Weirdest Things Pressed Into

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Twitter here