Awoltalk & Ian Munro Release Their New Banger “Lost In U”

Just released on Quality Goods Records is “Lost In U,” a
thrilling single from producers Awoltalk and Ian Munro. Both
artists have been crafting some killer remixes and originals
over the past couple of years, and this collaboration really
shows off their skills.

“Lost In U” fuses super-pitched vocals, flurried bass energy
and exciting builds of drums – a schooling in textured, future
bass/trap from the pair.

Give this a listen here.

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Sad Eye Makes “Chemistry” With Ted Nights & Swedish Red Elephant

Out now is “Chemistry,” the gorgeous new release from up and
coming Swedish talent Sad Eye. Still fairly new on the scene as
a producer, Sad Eye has worked alongside Ted Nights and Swedish
Red Elephant to make this track.

Sad Eye says, “Chemistry’ is a homage to all our toxic, bad
habits that we love. We can’t live without them, so why not
dance with them?” The track’s essence reflects this sentiment,
with its grooving use of brass instruments and flowing vocals
from Swedish Red Elephant.

Head here to give this one some love.

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Cosmic Gate discusses Ch. 2 “Materia” album, 2017 + more

Cosmic Gate, dynamic trance duo consisting of Bossi & Nic,
continues to push musical boundaries. It’s quite an
accomplishment to be around as a DJ for two decades and they
have proved time and time again that their unique progressive,
uplifting sound is here to stay. They are one of Germany’s most
consistently successful electronic music artists and even
composed remix compositions for Hollywood’s ‘Avatar’. Wake Your
Mind is their well known mantra that is the name of their radio
show, coined after their fifth studio album. While the two are
signed to Armada Music’s roster, they have been touring all
over the world playing some of the best trance tunes we hear
today. We got a chance to follow up with Nic & Bossi about
their latest album called Ch. 2 “Materia” and what’s in store
for 2018 before their performance at POPNYE at The Armory in
San Francisco, CA.

Talk to us about your recent record with Emma Hewitt on

Bossi: Well, first of all “Tonight” was the first single
off Ch. 2 “Materia” album. We go back with Emma about eight
years now around 2009. It’s our fourth single together.

Nic: Emma’s voice is amazing as everyone knows. She has
an incredible and touching voice. She’s also insanely cool.
We’ve toured with her a few times and we really clicked. It’s
really a friendship. It’s family now and of course because we
love her voice so much and we are friends, we’re like on this
album we have to do a new track together. We were talking about
it a lot and sending demos back and forth. Luckily, towards the
end it seemed to be a theme with Emma.

Bossi: It’s always the last track we work on with the
album. We’re laid back, she’s laid back. When was the deadline?
Oh, two weeks ago. Still, somehow we always get things to work
and our sound with her voice goes down pretty well.

Nic: Sometimes when we write songs we have the music
first and the lyrics comes after. With “Tonight”, she sent us
the vocal with only the very basic piano lines. Then we built
the whole track around it.

The remixes for the track are amazing. How did you decide
who worked on it?

Stefan: In the end, we at least think it’s a
progressive/trance song now. We were like we don’t need another
progressive/trance mix. We wanted something deeper, more
uplifting and faster. We were like who you think can do good
stuff and who do you think can work with the theme? We came up
with the guys. Now it’s a perfect three track package now. For
every DJ playing trance it has its mix.

Nic: Believe me, it doesn’t always work that well as it
does now. Sometimes, we have something in mind that we think is
cool and it doesn’t work at all.

Stefan: Sometimes mixes are quite successful but you
don’t feel like yourself. Because the harmonies are getting
changed and you aren’t getting used to it while other people
are like hey I like it that’s awesome. Sometimes it’s awesome
to hear a different approach, sometimes you don’t get it and
get stuck in our own way or own world.

What’s the story behind the music video for “Fall Into You”
with JES?

Bossi: I think the video speaks for itself. What can you
do with that title? Just the idea started. She came up with the

Nic: At first we thought someone else should be falling
in the video but at the very end we were like you know what it
needs to be her. We all love that track so much and we were so
happy to give this track one more moment of real attention a
year later.

Bossi: Creativity doesn’t just happen with a button.
Sometimes it just takes. Now it has a second momentum now which
is awesome because it’s a very personal track. We think it’s
one of the best tracks we ever did.

Talk to us about your latest album Ch. 2 “Materia” .

Bossi: Chapter 1 was out end of January and Chapter 2 in
September. In the end, it was basically having too much music
that mattered to us to release it altogether at once. We wanted
to meet the deadline and not want to force things. We also
wanted to give fans a little more to listen to individual
tracks on the album. So we split the album into the two parts.
It’s basically two albums, two extended EPs. In September, we
released the physical edition with CD and everything.

You just dropped episode 194 on WYM Radio. How’s it been so

Bossi: We were discussing to make a show for like a few
years. When we finally gave it a start it was a lot of work.
Every DJ that’s doing a weekly radio show knows this. Although
it’s a lot of work we felt that it was good to have. We play
100+ shows and for about 20 years and there’s still a chance of
someone not seeing us at a club or a show. The radio show gives
listeners an idea of what we like, what we play, etc. It’s
broadcasted around the world at FM stations, podcasts,
SoundCloud, etc. It’s a good statement and unbelievable that
200 is around the corner.

Who are some of the new artists you recommend listening

Bossi: You know in our scene, people that we mention
have been out there for a long time. But they’re not even on
top. There’s a lot of guys that do more progressive, deeper
kind of sound that is not necessarily called trance.

Nic: We produced two songs with Alastor on the album.
He’s doing great stuff and so talented.

Bossi: There’s a lot guys around that maybe didn’t
really break through, which is kind of hard these days because
there’s so many artists. There’s good music out and we always
appreciate those who dive in a little bit deeper and not just
necessarily go for the top artists, work there way in, etc.

Nic: There’s so many artists that they all start
sounding the same. It’s really important to separate yourself
from the masses.

Bossi: You have to do something different. Otherwise,
what are you standing for? If you copy things, you are always
following the trend. You got to somehow try to be the trend.
This counts maybe even more for upcoming guys. If you’re just
suddenly out there because you made a copy of a big track.
What’s going to be the follow up single? Are you going to make
a copy of your own copy? Be unique and always come from the
heart and less from the head.

How has the touring been so far?

Nic: Like you said, we’re always touring. I can’t
imagine myself differently than that. It’s been amazing, it’s
always incredible to produce songs and play it to the the crowd
seeing how they react. If they feel it the same way you
imagined it in the studio then it’s so much more intense.

Bossi: In the end it’s dance music. We produce our music
for the dance floors. That’s how we feel music and that’s where
we’re coming from. We feel like it’s pretty arrogant to come up
with a track and be like that sh*t is dope. You never can be
sure of people sharing your opinions for the music. It’s always
a great, nerve-shaking moment to release a full album.

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

Bossi: We feel like Ch. 2 “Materia” was our next step in
our history. In eight months time, exactly 20 years ago we
produced our first track together. When you’re out there for
about 20 years, maybe it’s something to be proud about and
still be relevant.

Nic: We’re not doing the same thing over and over again.
We’re very proud that we constantly evolve and still be
relevant. We’re just following one recipe. We’re always trying
to push ourselves and push boundaries.

Bossi: That’s what we like. This is just something that
keeps us going. It was our hobby. We were these guys just
sitting in the basement. We’re lucky to be professional DJs
from our hobby. You never go to work in the end. You’re
jet-lagged, you’re tired and never have time for friends or

Nic: It wasn’t a process. It was natural for us.

Bossi: When we started, no one wanted to be a DJ.

What do you have planned for 2018?

Nic: We’re going to be working on a new mix compilation.
A “Wake Your Mind” Sessions Volume 3. That’s in store for end
of January or February.

Bossi: We have new releases for mid March. We have
collaborations, singles and new remixes. Club remixes and one
or two new tracks that didn’t even make it on Ch. 2 “Materia”.

Nic: When we have the mix compilation finished, we love
playing long sets. Because not everyone has the chance to see
us for an hour. With our mix compilation, we can show more of
our progressive side and start slow.

Bossi: We’re not going to bang it out immediately. We
build it up from the first 20 or 30 minutes. You know when
you’re driving in the car and you’re getting lost in the music.
You don’t need the track to finish in four minutes. That’s when
you succeed. That’s when a DJ create the vibe with a slower
build up. It’s going to be two mixes of 70 minutes. You do have
the time to start the story a little slower.

Nic: So that’s in store for early 2018.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

Bossi: It’s so yesterday but my noise cancellation
headphones, the battery went black on me today. I was sitting
there, took the headphones off and I knew in that moment I
f*cking love these headphones. When you have them on, the
stress level goes drastically down. So I got to say, I’m
obsessed with these. I only realized it today. When I’m
traveling on my own, I always have these on and I don’t hear
all the shouting or noise.

For more information follow Cosmic Gate on their website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud,
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NGHTMRE closes out successful performance in San Francisco

NGHTMRE completely took the entire crowd by the storm at the
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco this past
weekend. The show was coined “NGHTMRE Before Xmas” with special
guests Valentino Khan, Spock, YehMe2 and Ephwurd. It was very
satisfying to see him drop a variety of records ranging from
his classics such as “Need You” and his tasteful remix of
“Limelight” to the recent collaborative track with Dillon
Francis called “Another Dimension”. The latest record is on his
Pt. II EP which he also played like “On The Run” with Passeport
and “The Killer” with Bret James & RNSOM.

NGHTMRE continues to push his musical boundaries given his
versatile discography and his performance was a perfect
testament to his dynamic production prowess. From his slew of
earlier remixes it is no doubt next year is looking bright for
the DJ and producer.

For more information visit NGHTMRE on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Instagram.

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Spock discusses his latest record “OMG” with Oolacile + more

Spock is one of the rising artists on Getter’s label Shred
Collective. Fresno-based producer and DJ, Spock or Garrett
Spock, joined the “suh dude” imprint via his debut single
called “Four Eyes”. Previously, Spock has dropped some bass
heavy tracks on Discipline Recordings. Spock is one of the most
innovative talents that is pushing bass music to another level.
We got a chance to meet him after his performance at Bill
Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to discuss his latest
song “OMG” with Oolacile.

What got you started in music in the beginning?

My dad played guitar, so one day I was just like dude I’m going
to learn how to play the guitar. I borrowed his guitar and
learned how to play it. I love metal so I started playing the
drums. I always thought electronic music was stupid because
metal is cool. Then I heard Skrillex and that was cool.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I think just in general, I love aggressive music and as a
teenager you experience a lot of angst. You’re just angry and
mad at things and you’re not sure why. As a kid we kind of
struggle with stuff. Heavy metal was an outlet. When I was in a
bad mood I would just listen to metal and feel empowered with
myself. Also, silly things and humor. Making things sound funny
is fun.

Describe to us your sound.

Silly and heavy.

Talk to us about your recent record  “OMG” with

I’ve known Cooper Oolacile for awhile and we were always
talking about making a song. I think I went over to his house
one night to watch La La Land with a bunch of people. I was
like dude we should like write a song and we did. So watch
movies with your friends and you’ll make riddim bangers.

What made you write “Digital War”?

I wanted to write some more bass house. I wrote the first part
of the drop and made the chord progression. It sounded weird
and not normal. It was fun and kind of different I guess.

What gets you into the creative mode when you’re in the

When I sit down it’s kind of hard to force out your ideas and
creativity. So for me I’ll just make something and even if it
sucks, it might turn into something.

Do you have any upcoming records you can share with us

I have an EP next year coming in Spring 2018.

How has this year been so far for you?

Dude it’s been crazy. At the beginning of the year I was
delivering pizzas. Now I’m a touring DJ. It’s like a dream come

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

I have anxiety about many things like traveling. Going on
planes and stuff I hate it. Just fighting through that and
pursing my dream even though that makes me super anxious and
uncomfortable I would battle that.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

ARK: Survival Evolved. It’s this game on PC and it’s like
Minecraft with sick graphics. You spawn on an island and
there’s dinosaurs everywhere. You can tame them and ride them.

Follow SPOCK online: Facebook,
Twitter, SoundCloud and

Valentino Khan goes in-depth on latest single and music video “Gold” + more

It’s quite impossible to not have heard of VALENTINO KHAN‘s
music. From hip-hop to four on the floor, his production
prowess knows no limits. From producing for Bruno Mars, 2
Chainz to signing into OWSLA, Mad Decent and more — Valentino
is truly a rare talent with a thirst for innovative music.
Known for his forward thinking discography that ranges from
progressive house, trap, techno to hardstyle and more, he is
one of the most sought after producers for remixes. We got a
chance to meet with him for the first time about his latest
record called “Gold” with Sean Paul after his sold out
performance at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

What got you started in music in the beginning?

I just started messing with production software in the
computer. At the time I was really inspired by Dr. Dre,
Pharrell, Timbaland, etc. I thought they were all really
innovative and pushing music forward. It really appealed to me.
When I started to do it and kind of make whatever I want and
immediately fell in love with it. I was spending all my free
time doing it.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I would saw early on I was inspired by those guys – Timbaland,
Dr. Dre and The Neptunes. In terms of dance music, I’m kind of
collectively inspired by everybody. That’s why my sound is so
versatile. I think it’s a really cool collective of artists for
the most part that are making sounds that are forward-thinking.
I’m really trying to embody that in my music.

Describe to us your sound.

My sound is very versatile. It’s kind of all over the place. I
don’t really stick to the same thing over and over. It keeps it
fun and fresh for me that way. It makes it way more exciting
when I’m able to go into the studio and make whatever I want.
It’s refreshing.

Talk to us about your recent single “Gold” with Sean

Yeah, it was cool. Sean and I got set up in the studio session
together. Before he came in I made the immediate track in about
an hour. Afterwards, it came together really smoothly. He’s a
really good dude, amazing to work with. We didn’t write
anything down the whole time in the studio, he would just spit
everything off the top on his own. We were all on the same page
the whole time which made it really easy.

What is the story behind the music video?

Shout out to Little Internet who directed it. We wanted to
something with it since it was based in Jamaica. Sean’s from
there and I got to fly down. I never been there and I was
hanging with Sean and everyone. We just wanted to make
something that captured the good vibe of the music.

What gets you into the creative mode when you’re in the

To be honest sometimes I could just sit down and the thing that
would inspire me is just finding a really weird sound. Or
having a vocal is kind of a starting off point for me to make a
song around. I try to work in a way where I’m not regulated by
having to start with drums or synth. It can kind of come
together in a multitude of ways. It definitely helps me jump
off any source of inspiration.

You’ve such an impressive and tasteful discography this past
years, do you have any upcoming records you can share with us

Nothing I can share right now. They’re all singles and
collaborative works that I cannot talk about yet. But I am
working to finish all of those and lining them up for 2018.

You’ve been touring a lot. How’s it been so far? 

It’s been awesome. The only thing I sometimes I wish I could do
is just teleport instead of going on airplanes. Beside that
it’s amazing to be able to travel to the world and meet so many
cool people. Going to cool environments and play the music that
I love making.

What is one achievement you’re most proud of this year?

Doing multiple touring runs in Europe. Sometimes it can be
really hard for an American artist to crossover. I’ve been
really fortunate to translate over there because I have a huge
fanbase in Europe. Not just Europe, but going to Asia and
Australia, etc. It’s been really cool and interesting.

What is one thing you are currently obsessed

I’ve been on Amazon a lot recently. I’ve been suckered into
that 1-Click Ordering. That’s very dangerous. It’s so
convenient. I start to run up my credit card bill that way.

Follow Valentino Khan on his website, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

Nick Talos’ “Glass House” Inspires Remix EP

Released today is the remix EP that has been created from
latest single. The Berliner dropped the tune a little while
ago, and it now sees a fresh release with four reworks.

One of which comes from Nick Talos, who edges out the original
with a vibrant extended version. The renowned IBRANOVSKI dishes up
a pounding remake, whilst TRU CONCEPT keep
things bubbling with their deep house sound. YNC x S3RIOUS team
up to complete the set, with a pacy bass cut.

Check them all below.

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Felix Jaehn Does A Slick Remix For ADEN X OLSON

Coming out today is the brilliantly produced remix of “Cloud 9”
from new act ADEN X OLSON. The pair only released the track in
November, but its has already received critical acclaim, and is
a killer debut offering.

Now the one and only FELIX JAEHN has
taken it into the studio to remix, and has just put out his
refreshing slant of the tune. Filled with upbeat piano melodies
and a tropically-centred beat that sizzles beneath the surface,
this edit isn’t to be missed.

Check it out on Spotify below.

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Dion Timmer Releases His “Textacy” EP And It Bangs

At just 18 years old, DION TIMMER is
intent on breaking through barriers with his truly unique brand
of modern dubstep. This week sees the release of his “Textacy”
EP, which is sure to delight fans.

Made up of five tracks, we are treated to various different
styles from Timmer, and he keeps surprising with his
creativity. It title track is bursting with grooves, whilst
“Hoods Up” with Excision ft. Messinian is a thoroughly grimy
affair and comes at you with full-throttle bass energy.

You can pick up the EP

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Ephwurd teams up with Insominac for LA takeover at Belasco Theater

The power duo, EPHWURD, which is
comprised of producers and DJs DATSIK and BAIS HAUS, has
recently announced their headlining performance on Friday,
December 15 at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California
to wrap up this year. From their stage performances at
festivals like EDC Las Vegas to Lollapalooza, beginning their
own record label and radio show, 2017 has been a tremendous
year for these two talents. They will be bringing along
favorites like LUCA LUSH, WHIPPED CREAM,
of course the prized PK Sound system to ensure there will be
plenty of bass all night long.

Tickets are available

Follow Ephwurd on their website, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud for more

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NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis comes together on “Another Dimension”

You know when two heavyweight DJs and producers collaborate on
a record it’s going to be out of this world. NGHTMRE and DILLON FRANCIS
came together on their latest collaborative track titled,
“Another Dimension.” The record packs pounding bass with an
infectious percussion and synths elements that combined with
the lyrical opening “Pay close attention, I’ll take the brain
to another dimension,”. “Another Dimension” is the fourth and
final track on NGHTMRE’s “II” EP, out on Mad Decent. Be sure to
catch NGHTMRE as he continues touring below.

Tour Dates:
12/14 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
12/15 – Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO
12/16 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA
12/17 – Belly Up – Aspen, CO
12/20 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
12/21 – Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD
12/22 – House Of Blues – Boston, MA
12/23 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY
12/26 – Solaris Winter Music Festival – Toronto, Canada
12/28 – Beta Nightclub – Denver, CO
12/29 – Lights All Night – Dallas, TX
12/29 – Resolution – Seattle, WA
12/30 – Lights All Night – Dallas, TX
12/31 – OMFG! NYE 2018 – San Diego, CA

Tickets for his tour are available here.

Follow NGHTMRE on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud for more

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Tim Legend Releases His “Telescope” Through Ultra

Producer Tim Legend already had a huge summer dance gem in his
hands with the release of his highly popular track “Quicksand.”
Now he’s back with “Telescope” – a shimmering, energetic tune
featuring fellow US artists Transviolet, out now through Ultra

Opening with a spritely melody that would make Odesza proud, he
adds some fuzzy synths and lovelorn lyrics, resulting in a
unique take on a popular style of beat music. It’s going to be
a big year ahead for Tim Legend, and we’re excited to hear

Take a listen below!

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Joakim Molitor Releases His “Beautiful Monsters” At It’s Awesome

Rising out of Playground Music ahead of a new week is
“Beautiful Monsters,” the character-filled single from JOAKIM MOLITOR.
He has worked alongside fellow producer METR and vocalist Eric
Lumiere for this expressive electronic sound.

The singer says of it: “Beautiful Monsters’ is about how we all
make mistakes and we’re all human. We all say and do things
that we’re not proud of sometimes, but I believe we’re often
doing the best we can with what we know.”

We love the dynamic electronic edge to it, and the way in which
the track has been expertly layered throughout – take a listen
through below.

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7th annual SnowGlobe Music Festival has a massive lineup

SnowGlobe is happening again and it’s the seventh annual
edition to ring in the new year. The highly anticipated artist
lineup includes DILLION
, ZEDD, MADEON and more. The
music festival takes place in South Lake Tahoe in California on
December 29, 30 and 31, 2017. With 3 breathtaking stages the
outdoor festivities will resume with over 50 artists and
incredible fireworks display to coincidence with the solid

The festival grounds will be held at Bijou Park on the Lake
Tahoe Community College campus with a brand new layout which
includes new art installations, Big Air activation
(professional ski and snowboard demos that will be showcased
in-between performances).

Be sure to grab the last remaining tickets and book your stay
before it’s completely sold out!

For more information on news and the music festival, visit
their website.

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Kaleem Taylor Releases His EP “Version” Through Ultra

Ultra Music today releases a six-track EP from one of their
best signings of the year, with KALEEM TAYLOR’s
“Version” out now. We heard the soulful “Know Better” a couple
of weeks ago, and now can enjoy it as part of this extended

With production from the acclaimed The Code, “Version” is
varied with an emphasis on those warm, expression-laden sounds
of Kaleem Taylor. Our top picks are still “Know Better” and
also “Walk Away,” which has gorgeous piano work throughout.

Stream the EP here.

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Excision Drops His Annual Mix And A Single Lands With It

Out now is the brand new mix from dubstep badman EXCISION, who drops a
comprehensive edition every single year. Moving away from his
previous Shambhala themes, he now brings the first of his Lost
Lands festivals mixes, which is as heavy and diverse as ever.

As well as the mix, fans can snap up Excision and Rottun
Records’ artist DION TIMMER‘s new
single “Hoods Up,” which is one of the gnarliest collaborations
we’ve heard in a while. With Messinian’s vocals running
throughout, this has got us hyped up for future releases from
this pair.

Get the single
and the mix here.

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PLS&TY Reworks His “Good Vibes” For New Release

After a makeover, the brilliant “Good Vibes” from talented
producer PLS&TY has just
been released again. It first saw an outing back during the
spring, and now its creator has added some fresh kick into the
mix for his radio edit.

Still oozing charisma and funky melodies, “Good Vibes” features
Cosmos and Creature, who bring some extra zest to proceedings.
Pouring some deeply rolling drums and subtle grooves to the
bassline energy, we love the way PLS&TY has reinvented this

Check it out below.

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BlackGummy goes in-depth on latest EP ‘Monolith’ + more

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, Iman Marouf, or widely known
as BLACKGUMMY, is still
one of mau5trap best talents on the DEADMAU5‘s label.
Trained by Steve Duda himself, the sound engineer was also the
one of the masterminds behind the popular Serum VST. From his
debut EP called “Singularity” to his latest “Monolith”,
BlackGummy continues to push musical boundaries with his
uninhibited, dark industry sound that journeys to progressive
melodies. Not much is known about BlackGummy apart from his
music, but it is said that the producer spends his time in the
studio locked away crafting new sounds. It’s always fascinating
to listen to artists who have a taste for historical idols,
hence the name and alien-like look. We got a chance to meet
with him after his performance at sold out show at The Warfield
in San Francisco as he continues to tour alongside fellow label
mate, REZZ.

How did you get into music in the beginning?

Growing up, I always had a love for music. When I was about 6
years old, my uncle produced an album which was one of the
first things that sparked my curiosity to understanding how
music is made using computers. That curiosity led me down a
path which took me to where I am today.

Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I’m constantly getting inspired, there isn’t really one person
or thing that I pull most of my inspiration from. Sometimes
producing with a nice view could be all the inspiration I need.
But really it’s just different creations that inspire me,
whether that’s natural rock formations like the Grand Canyon,
to architecture, to music, to film.

What’s the story behind your name?

I first encountered the idol named BlackGummy when I was on a
trip across the Middle East and Asia. And when I saw it, the
name kind of just fit naturally. So I adopted it as my own.

Describe to us your sound.

I think the best word to describe my sound is “dark”. There are
times when I take it to a euphoric place to help create more
contrast throughout a set or song but it pretty much always
ends up going dark.

Talk to us about your latest EP “Monolith”.

‘Monolith’ was my third EP, which is the final installment of a
three-part arc of themes I wanted to explore. ‘Singularity’,
the first EP, explored humanity’s relationship with technology;
‘Impactor’, the second, was inspired by the Earth’s long and
complex relationship with all forms of life (human and
otherwise); and I came up with the concept behind ‘Monolith’,
the third, after thinking a lot about the value that humans
place on symbols. In terms of the music, for ‘Monolith’ I took
a slightly more minimal approach, writing the music based off
of inspiration I got through visiting different archeological
sites. One specific idea which had a big impact on my writing
was the idea of creating extreme contrast to make something
small feel much bigger than it actually is. This technique is
used a lot in architecture and can also be applied in music.
The three EPs are key to the BlackGummy narrative. In order to
understand the rest of the story and existence of the
bear-shaped idol, it’s key to understand that the idol existed
throughout different time periods, including the periods
explored in each EP (future, past, and present, respectively).

You just wrapped up your massive tour. How was it?

I couldn’t be happier and am extremely grateful for all the
support. It’s definitely inspired me to work even harder for
the next tour in 2018. We may be announcing some news regarding
2018 soon…

Talk to us about your remix of MOGUAI‘s “Oyster”.

I was asked if I would be interested in remixing a song of
Moguai’s for the mau5trap compilation album and the first song
to come to mind of his was Oyster. I had always liked the
melody of the track and would play out the MICHAEL WOODS
remix which was a more heavy hitting progressive version of the
track. At the time of accepting the remix, it was club season
in Ibiza and I had been watching a lot of videos from the
events. The minimal style resonated with me and I felt like
making an Ibiza edit of the track could work really well.

What is one achievement you are most proud of this year?

rReleasing my third EP and making it to every show on the tour
without missing a single date. Sometimes that can be tough with
how much airlines like to keep you on your toes by cancelling
flights at the last minute.

Are there any upcoming records you can share with us

I’ve started working on new music but that’s about as much as I
can say right now. And also some collaborations with some names
you may recognize…

What is one thing you are obsessed with?

I’m obsessed with seeing boundaries get pushed or broken in
music. Whether it’s a technical innovation, live production, or
even narrative story-telling. That’s what I admire so much
about ERIC
and Deadmau5. They’re making music on a technical
level unlike anything made before. And they’re curating live
performance experiences that really capture 100% of your
attention when you’re there.

Follow BlackGummy online:
Facebook |
Twitter |
SoundCloud |
YouTube |

Tom Swoon Joins Tungevaag & Raaban For “Beside Me”

Sounding like the perfect way to end a working week and push us
through to the weekend is the new collaboration between the
inimitable TOM
and Scandinavian duo TUNGEVAAG

They have produced the pop-edged “Beside Me,” which comes with
lashings of turbo-charged technical flair, infectious hooks and
driving dance beats. Tungevaag & Raaban summed up the
pairing by saying, “We are really glad we got the opportunity
to work with Tom – such a skilled producer and DJ. Everything
seemed to move really fast with this collaboration. We are
happy with the result, and hope our fans love it too.”

Be sure to pick it up from here.

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Envision Recordings Release Another Killer Sound

Ready yourself for the weekend ahead with the new release on
Envision Recordings, which has been produced by Turkish artist
collaborator ALP3R.

The result of this musical collision is “Get It,” a pacy slice
of future house with has solid foundations in grooving bass and
hints of trap. Sounding sharp and contagious in equal measure,
this one is ready to pick up now.

Stream it here.

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Big Gigantic to perform at The Warfield in San Francisco

Big Gigantic has had a successful year with their music. With
major syncs in the books with big companies such as Apple, MTV,
Cubs World Series, NBA All Star Weekend and more, the act is
continuing their tour. Chances are you have probably heard
multiple records from BIG GIGANTIC in
just watching commercials which is a huge achievement for any

Big Gigantic are set to perform at The Warfield on Saturday,
December 2 so don’t miss out on their incredible performance
with live vocals, saxophone, drums, horns and more. The group
dropped their album “Brighter Future” last year.

Tickets for the Saturday, December 2 at The Warfield in San
Francisco are available here.

Follow Big Gigantic online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube |

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Caleb Lau

Getter closes out Regency Ballroom in San Francisco

If you haven’t already heard of “SUH Dude” awhile ago from
GETTER you are
missing out. Getter just wrapped up an incredible performance
at his San Francisco stop as part of his huge two month-long
tour called ‘Big Tour’ at the Regency Ballroom in San
Francisco. The DJ and producer also recently dropped new
records with PARTY NAILS called
“Solo” and “Big Mouth” which are both on his imprint called
Shred Collective.

The show itself was one for the books as he completely dropped
track after track with heavy hitting bass which the audience
was dying to hear. One of the most memorable experiences was
when he played “Inhalant Abuse” which was a massive record that
followed his world tour earlier called The Shred Zone. The
crowd went completely nuts and at times the entire venue was
shaking. Getter is considered one of the unsung hero of
underground bass culture and seeing him progress as an artist,
dabbling into more experimental style of bass and gnarly synths
while integrating vocals has made him stand out as a unique

Tour Dates:
11/22 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
11/24 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst Atrium
11/25 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
11/30 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theater
12/1 – Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theater

Follow Getter online:
| Twitter |

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REZZ closes out sold out performance at The Warfield in San Francisco

REZZ is definitely one of the most talented producers we’ve
seen and heard in a very long time. To put it plainly, just
being signed and having releases on mau5trap (Deadmau5’s label)
is a huge achievement in itself. This girl has the prowess,
creativity and everything else in between for success and this
past weekend her completely sold out performance at The
Warfield in San Francisco was a true testament to that.

REZZ’s performance was one of the best we have attended, the
visuals, the sounds, her DJing — it was all executed extremely
well and at such a young age these producers are hard to come
by. She is still embarking on her massive world tour called
‘Mass Manipulation’ which is also her latest album. When she
dropped all-time favorites such as “Edge”, “DRUGS!” and “Purple
Gusher” the crowd was in complete mayhem. It’s safe to say the
entire venue was recruited into the ‘Cult of REZZ‘. Known for her
tasteful sounds of sinister and dark techno beats, it’s without
doubt this is one artist to watch out for.

Tour Dates:
Nov 22 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
Dec 8 – Budapest, HU – A38
Dec 9 – Rennes, FR – Trans Musicales Festival
Dec 16 – New York, NY – Playstation Theater
Dec 26 – 27 – Vancouver, BC – Contact Festival
Dec 27 – Edmonton, AB – Get Together
Dec 30 – Gisborne, NZ – Rhythm & Vines
Dec 31 – Perth, AU – Origin NYE
Jan 1 – Brisbane, AU – Day One
Jan 1 – Sydney, AU – Field Day
Jan 4 – Adelaide, AU

Check out the full photo set by Elizabeth Hagearty on


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Website | Facebook |
Twitter |
SoundCloud |

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Exclusive Interview With Nick Talos

This week we chat with producer and DJ NICK TALOS, who has
just released his new tune “Glass House” with vocalist

Good to have you! Please tell us a little about
yourselves… who are you and where are you currently

I´m Nick Talos, 24 years old and I currently live in Berlin,

How long have you been making music? What made you
first want to write it?

I started writing and producing music when I moved to Berlin 4
years ago. I played piano for a long time, though. I started
learning it when I was around 10 years old.

What do you enjoy most about producing? What
difficulties does it bring?

Writing the music itself. Creating harmonies and melodies is
one the most exciting parts of making music. One of the
difficulties is definitely the problem of thinking too much.
Music should be always about emotions and feeling something.
Sometimes you get lost though and you try to use your mind in
order to make decisions which barely never works.

Do you surroundings inspire your music? How would you
sum up the signature Nick Talos sound?

I merge emotional harmonies with modern programming, soft and
flowing organic instrumentation and extraordinary guest vocals.
I was always inspired by Calvin Harris and Avicii because they
focus more on the music rather than crazy sound design.

Are you pleased with how “Glass House” has turned out?
Did you feel pressure creating a piece of solo work after
making remixes?

I´m really proud of this record. I think it´s a big step
starting out with an original song like “Glass House.” Many
producers try to make it with covers in the first place. It´s
definitely a bigger challenge starting out with original music.
I didn´t really feel a lot of pressure, though. I always try to
just focus on making music and not let anything else get in the
way of my creative process.

What did you enjoy about working with BullySongs on the

He is one of UK´s most talented songwriters. He already wrote
big hits like “No Money“ by Galantis. Moreover, his voice is
outstanding. It was a great pleasure to have had the chance to
work with such a great artist on my first single.

Where do you see your sound progressing over the coming

That´s a hard question because you can´t plan such things.

If you could work with any artist (alive or dead) on a
track, who would you choose and why?

I guess that would be Chris Martin. Coldplay inspire me a lot.
He is one of the best songwriters in the world and I love his
unique voice.

What can we expect from you next? What are your dreams
for next year?

I just want to put out a lot of music. And I can´t wait to get
back on stage next year. I didn´t tour a lot this year because
I was working on music almost all the time.

Getter goes on Big Mouth Tour + new single “Solo” with Party Nails

Getter…the DJ, producer, rapper and comedian. The man of many
talents. Recently, he dropped his latest collaborative single
with PARTY
on “Solo” which dropped on his imprint, Shred
Collective. The track itself sits differently than his usual
sound, which contains high pitched vocals from Party Nails
accompanied with bouncy basslines and melodic synths. Not many
producers these days can display such a unique taste and talent
of music like GETTER. “Solo”
definitely gives nod to his previous experimental records
called “Inhalant Abuse” and “Bury Me”.

Getter is continuing his massive two month tour called ‘Big
Mouth’ with special guests such as Ski Mask The Slump God and

Tickets for Saturday, November 18 at Regency Ballroom are
available here.

Be sure to enter for ticket giveaway on
, Twitter
and Instagram.

Follow Getter online:
| Twitter |

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JackLNDN Has Not One, But Two New Singles To Hear

With his motto, “Hopefully my music will make you happier than
you were before,” JACKLNDN certainly
tries his best to convey this message with his brand new EP
release on Ultra Music.

He drops “Start Over Again,” a two-piece selection of
infectious, groove-riddled future house. The title track comes
dripping in bassline freshness and old school synths, whilst
“Feels Like Home” pushes its captivating vocals and darting
melodies towards a euphoric climax.

Stream/purchase this pair

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Fake Pictures Deliver Their “Small Talk”

Out now through Universal Music Germany is Fake Pictures’
“Small Talk,” a track that is likely to set listeners’ tongues
wagging. Having only emerged this year, this act is shrouded in
mystery, yet their music is clearly something to keep

“Small Talk” is a fabulously catchy tune that will leave you
feeling ready to take on the week – riddled with indie guitar
licks and floor-ready bassline, this track is a hybrid of
various sounds and styles, yet it really works.

Head here
to stream in full.

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Hanne Mjøen Drops A “Future” Classic With Her New Track

Just released is the newest single by Norwegian talent Hanne
Mjøen, who has created some pop magic with “Future.” It’s been
a big year so far, and she will join Astrid S on the road for a
world tour in the coming months.

“Future” is a suitably powerful sound from Mjøen, and one that
is guaranteed to add a little boost to any weekend playlist.
Expansive vocals are carried over a backdrop of rising melodies
and bass quips; well-rounded and strongly produced as usual.

You can stream this single here.

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Fancy Cars Channel Summer Vibes With “Last Time Love”

California’s Fancy Cars make for a great act to check out today
if you haven’t heard their sounds before. They have just
released “Last Time Love” on Universal Music Germany, a lilting
piece of electronica with infectious vocals to boot.

If liquid synths and flowing beats are your thing, Fancy Cars
have you covered. Adding a little necessary edge with some
guitars thrown in for good measure, the duo has that easy Cali
sound nailed.

We’re hitting repeat on “Last Time Love” – to do the same, hit
stream below now.

About the Author

Alana Schulz

Exclusive Interview With Tungevaag & Raaban

We speak to the rather brilliant production unit TUNGEVAAG
about their newest track “Coming Up,” which
has been really well received.

First things first, could you please tell us a little
about yourselves… who are you and where are you currently

Martin: Martin Tungevag, Tungevaag as an artist name. I’m 24
years old, from Stadlandet in Norway and based in Ålesund. I’ve
produced for 9 years and DJ’d for 4 years.

Robbin: My name is Robbin Söderlund, but everyone calls me
Raaban. I’m based in Sweden, close to Gothenburg, and I’ve
produced music for 13 years and DJ’d for 3 years.

How long have you both been making music? What made you
first want to write it?

Martin: I read about different music producing programs before
I landed at FL studio after watching some tutorials. I used it
for 9 years and started with it because I was fascinated about
how powerful the DAW was.

Robbin: 13 years, I started in 2005 because I’ve always
listened to how music is built and wanted to try to build it

What do you enjoy most about having music as your

Martin: Being creative, travelling around and playing our own
tracks for huge amounts of people at clubs and festivals.

Robbin: That I can do what I love to do, music has always been
my main thing in life, so It’s a pleasure to have it as “work.”
But I don’t see it as work, I do it for fun and because I love

Where do you mostly draw your inspiration? How would
you describe your trademark sound to those who haven’t heard it

Martin: Ideas can come from anything. We are so lucky that we
can meet and talk music with so many different people from
Finland to South Korea and Indonesia to Mallorca and Portugal.
That gives us energy to continue with what we are doing and
experiment with both new styles, and music that already exists
– but with our own touch and mix over it.

Robbin: Inspiration comes from everything. When we travel
around different countries, it can come from people, animals,
all kinds of music, instruments etc. People always told me, “I
can hear directly when it’s your production and sound.” But I
don’t actually know what it is actually. We work a lot with
vocal chops in our drops, so maybe that.

We love the new single “Coming Up” – what’s the story
behind it?

Robbin/Martin: Thank you so much! I (Robbin) got the idea from
a guy in my town and really liked it. We finished it easily and
released it fast 🙂 It’s about a guy who been feeling really
low but is on his way up, back on track.

Had you worked with vocalist Victor Crone

Robbin: No, this was the first time! He is really great – so
kind and amazingly talented!

Where do you see your sound progressing over the coming

Robbin/Martin: We hope it can reach everywhere in the world the
coming months/years. We’re in a good way so far, and we are so
happy about that!

If you could work with any artist (alive or dead) on a
track, who would you choose and why?

Martin: Tiësto, he is so awesome with his sound.
Robbin: Michael Jackson for sure! A legend, my legend, that’s
all 🙂

What do you have coming up next in 2017 or the start of
2018? Are there any more releases in the pipeline you can share
with us yet?

Robbin/Martin: We have got a lot of tracks that we’re working
on right now. Some of them are already done and we hope to
release one of them in early January. And we’ve got a
collaboration that will be released very soon with a guy ranked
in the DJ Mag Top100. It will be awesome, just wait and see!