Mr Mitch releases remix EP featuring Murlo and Mechatok

Planet Mu and Mr Mitch have teamed up to release a six-track
EP, comprised of six tracks plucked straight from Mr Mitch’s
2017 album ‘Devout’.

Releasing in April of last year, the album was a hit thanks to
a fusion of pop imaginings, soulful club sounds and emotionally
charged instrumentals. And with tracks such as ‘VPN’, ‘Fate’
and ‘Priority’ receiving rewind-worthy reworks from the likes
of Murlo, Tarquin, Silk Road Assassins, Mark Force and μ-Ziq,
the new project offers up a fresh, futuristic take on the
esteemed original.

Mr Mitch’s ‘Devout Remixes’ EP is out now on Planet Mu. To
check out the tracks or grab a copy, take a look here.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her