A rap mixtape Tom Hardy made in 1999 has surfaced on the internet

Before Tom Hardy was Hollywood actor Tom Hardy, warring with
Batman and piloting World War Spitfires in blockbusting films,
he was an amateur rapper called Tommy No 1.

In 1999 he half-finished a mixtape called ‘Falling on Your Arse
in 1999’ with Eddie Too Tall aka writer and director Edward
Tracy, co-creator of the Channel 4 comedy Fonejacker.

Earlier this month Tracy appears to have released the tape to
the world via a post on
and upload on
, alongside the description: “Made in a bedroom
1999 these mixtapes were never really finished. Lyrics written
and performed by Tom Hardy. Music written and produced by Ed

We’ve seen music stars become actors in the past, and the
results are often lacking; think Madonna’s struggles in
Evita or Pete Doherty bumbling through
Confession of a Child of the Century.

Although Hardy never made it in the music biz before getting
his acting break, the mixtape is actually pretty good. His
famously striking voice can maintain an impressive flow, even
with some strays to dodgy cockney accent territory. Perhaps Guy
Ritchie heard this before casting him in RocknRolla?
Tracy’s beats, meanwhile. are defined by breezy strings,
analogue crackling and jazzy percussion.

Listen to it below.