​Police found 745 kilos of cocaine stashed inside fresh pineapples

Portuguese and Spanish authorities have seized 745 kilograms of
cocaine that a Colombian drug ring was attempting to smuggle
inside pineapples.

In order to disguise the drugs as fruit, the smugglers packaged
the cocaine in yellow wax that was then covered in hollowed out
pineapple skins.

According to BBC News, the recent sting was part of an
ongoing investigation between Portugal and Spain.

Nine members of the drug ring were arrested in the bust while
authorities also dismantled a lab and seized €400,000.

Portuguese investigators released a statement stating that the
Iberian Peninsula is a major route for drug smugglers: “This
organised international group had repeatedly brought large
quantities of cocaine to the European continent.”

This wasn’t the first time police found drugs inside fruit.
Last year over 12,000 kilos of cocaine were found inside a shipment of bananas in
Holland and Belgium.

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