Moby accused of conspiring with the CIA

Following a recent radio interview with the Louisville,
Kentucky radio station WFPK, questions regarding Moby‘s ties to the CIA have come into

Following the 2017 US election, the electronic music pioneer
took to Instagram claiming that he had obtained some damming
top secret information from “friends who
work in DC” regarding Trump’s ties to Russia. In the post, Moby
affirms that the shocking (yet still unverified) Russia dossier
regarding Trump’s ties to Russia is true to its core. In
addition, the post brings to light the internal horror many
government agencies have been experiencing due to the commander
and chiefs total incompetence.

During the recent radio interview with WFPK, Moby admitted that
the information he obtained about President Trump back in
February was given to him by “active and former CIA members”
over dinner. While on air, Moby claims he was encouraged by
these individuals to pass on what he had learned via his
Instagram since he had “more of a social
media following”.

Moby claims that the reason his friends asked him to do this
was because they had become increasingly concerned about the
surmounting intelligence regarding Trump’s ties to Russia.
Later in the interview, the artist goes on to accuse the Trump
family of being tied to organized crime and Russian oligarchs –
asserting that as the president’s disturbing story unfolds,
things will begin to get “quite a lot darker”. Listen to the
full interview below.