Technics’ “most premium turntable ever” will run you $10,000

Announced at the currently ongoing CES conference in Las Vegas,
Panasonic has shared its plans for two exciting Technics
releases in 2018.

Back in August, Technics previewed the prototype of its stunning
SP-10, a turntable for audiophiles that received the crowning
glory title as the company’s “most premium turntable ever”.
Today, the official model has been officially announced with
specs that include a coreless direct-drive motor with enough
power to rotate the platter, which is weighed down by a
10mm-thick brass weight, with low-speed irregularities. It also
comes with a rubber layer attached on the rear platter surface
to quell further unwanted vibrations. The SP-10R plays at 33
1/2, 45 and 78rpm, and the rotation can be viewed on its OLED

In addition, the model will be interchangeable with previous
SP-10 models thanks to its specially designed capability for
backward compatibility. Owners of the MK2 or MK3 turntable can
use their current base and tonearm and upgrade to the SP-10R.

However, as expected, the gorgeous new model will run turntable
fiends a high price tag of $10,000.

In addition to the SP-10R, Technics announced the launch of
their SL-1000R model as well, which has doubled in price thanks
to the addition of the base and tonearm for the complete
turntable system.