Robaer Has Some Of The Most Followed Playlists on Spotify, Here’s Why


Aside from producing under the name Robaer and releasing
songs with hundreds of thousands of
plays, Robaer also has one of the most popular Spotify profiles
online. Robaer’s EDM HOUSE 2018 playlist has 410,000 followers,
while even the DEEP HOUSE 2018 playlist has collectively 35,000

We recently had the chance to sit down with Robaer and talk
about his music productions, Spotifyu playlists, and what’s
next for the DJ and producer.

Robaer Interview With EDM Sauce

So Robert, tell us a little bit of your history and how
you got into music

In the middle of the 90s I began to interest me for electronic
music and started my career as a DJ. In the first years I
played music in big clubs in my hometown Munich. After a while
I continued DJing in whole Germany, Austria, Switzerland and
Ibzia. In the 2000s it was more and more important to produce
music beside DJing. That’s why I decided to work on my own
music productions. In 2008 I released then my first single.

When did you decide to start your Spotify playlists? At
what point did you notice that they started to really take

In 2012 I decided to start my first Spotify playlist, because I
was absolutely convinced that music streaming belongs the
future. So I took the opportunity to try out Spotify. In 2013
the number of followers of my EDM HOUSE Playlist on Spotify
increased over 1000 followers a day and this fact was not
obviously for me.

Was there anything in particular that you did to
promote them or would you say it was the right place, right

Fortunately it was the the right place for the right time.

What do you typically look for while curating songs for
these playlists?

1.) First I must like the tracks.
2.) The tracks should have a good quality.
3.) They have to fit in the playlist, like the genres,
danceability and energy.

What’s the future to hold for your career? What’s

In January 2018 will be out my next single on Knightvision
Records (Warner Music) and maybe in the middle of the year a
little DJ tour through the USA is planned. Many more is in the
pipeline and will follow.

Stream Robaer’s EDM HOUSE 2018 Spotify Playlist

Robaer Has Some Of The Most Followed Playlists on Spotify, Here’s Why