Prins Thomas has remixed ‘Häxan’ by Dungen

Prins Thomas is set to release ‘Versions By’, a total
reimagining of the 2016 album ‘Häxan’ by the Krautrock band

The Norwegian DJ and producer, otherwise known as Thomas Moen
Hermansen, is best known as a leading light of the Norwegian
house and disco scene thanks to his productions and his Full
Pupp label which has been functioning for over 10 years.

Prins Thomas points out that this is not a album by Dungen, nor
is it a remix album, but a total reconstruction of the analogue
tapes of ‘Häxan’, the raw materials of the LP: ‘Dungen has long
been one of my favourite bands. Their music is a daily staple
in the house, so much so that even my 3-year-old daughter
recognises any Dungen record from the first few seconds

‘Versions By’ is set for release on August 25.