The Latest In Dance Music Attire Is Here With SVCRED

Dance music has always been as much about the music as it has
been about the lifestyle. From the kandi kid, bright colors of
the old rave days to new names in clothing and lifestyle like
Damascus and Electric Family rising to develop their own unique
brand, what you wear to a show or a fest has always been just
important as the artists you see and the memories you make.
Now, a new name in lifestyle and dance clothing is stepping up
and premiering their new wave of clothing that is a must have
in the dance community.

Inspired by andro, goth and renegade styles, as well as pulling
from the all black and LA stylings that have become synonymous
with dance music and DJ culture, SVCRED is a new unisex
streetwear company that is making some insane new styles that
will be a staple among dance fans and artists alike as they
prepare to hit the nightlife scene. Combining simplicity with
sophistication and an overall aesthetic perfect for the darker
tendencies in life, SVCRED offers a new high profile brand that
will complete any outfit and build your wardrobe to stand out
and make an impression wherever you go. Check out the SVCRED
promo video below and get behind the movement with their
for a chance to secure some exclusive deals before

SVCRED music & lifestyle video

// pay homage to the things that make you feel alive ;
kickstarter campaign is now live!

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Quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

The Latest In Dance Music Attire Is Here With SVCRED