Dada Life Share What It’s Like Creating Their Own Authentic Champagne

Not many DJs, or even celebrities in general for that matter,
can say that they have their own brand of alcohol. Richie
Hawtin has his own sake, sure, but he’s a legitimate

As revealed by Forbes a couple of weeks ago, Dada Life now
joins that select group with their own brand of champagne, but
it was not an easy endeavor by any stretch of the
imagination. The process to get a legitimate champagne approved
from France is devastatingly difficult – yet Olle and Stefan
persevered and came out victorious.

“First we had to find the right people to work with. We
needed a reliable importer in the U.S. as well as a quality
producer in Champagne, France to
create a proper champagne.
We tasted and tested dozens of different qualities and
styles of champagne.
[…] After finalizing every aspect of the champagne, we had no idea that we needed it to be
approved by this board of people in France. They literally
monitor and approve every bottle that leaves the
country! First they were like ‘no way!’ After several more
conversations we have found a way and now we’re ready to
present it to you: our own champagne. Real champagne; made in France.”

We had to catch up with Olle ourselves to inquire about this
fascination with champagne, and the unique challenges of
getting their own branded.

First things first, when did this fascination with champagne

We have always had champagne and bananas on our rider –
from when we started Dada Life. So it’s as important as our
music! Almost anyway…

When was your first sip of champagne?

Good question! I have no idea. I remember drinking what I
thought was champagne, but back then I had no idea what real
champagne was. So I can’t really remember the moment when I
tried real champagne the first time.

How was it then and now?

It’s always amazing! Back then and now. As long as it’s
served dry, cold, free and with bananas.

How long have you had the idea to create your own champagne,
and how long have you actually had the idea in motion?

We’ve been playing around with the idea for so long now. We
actually did a sparkling wine first, but then scrapped the
whole idea and started doing the real thing instead. It tasted
good, but it didn’t feel right.

What were your own criteria for the champagne as far as taste?

We wanted it to be light and dry and summery, sort of. It’s
not the champagne you sip. You drink.

How long did the process take to create DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE
when all was said and done? Was it worth it?

I would say 1-2 years in the making. If it’s worth it? Of
course. Just taste it!

Final question… does it actually go well with bananas?

It’s a misunderstanding. The combination of bananas and
champagne, it has nothing to do with taste. It’s all about the
function. Energy in two forms. It’s all you need.

Dada Life Share What It’s Like Creating Their Own Authentic Champagne